YouTube Video Marketing Tips for Brand Building and Online Presence

You may not be aware of the power that YouTube marketing can offer to any brand. The second largest search engine in the world and the second most visited website behind Facebook, a good viral video will see your brand and your selling points in the homes of millions throughout the world.  These tips should help you make the most of making a video.

Searching Habits

It is important to remember how people are searching the web.  Users are not limited to finding a site through text search alone as more computers, internet connections, and handheld devices are more than capable of streaming video. This has led to the popular rise of YouTube as a search engine.  Through creating a video for your business, people can see exactly what you do and exactly what they will get for their money. This is the key selling point of using YouTube to market online and build your brand.  Remember that YouTube and SEO often go hand in hand, as people often search for videos on Google.


Trends are simply a shorter way of saying what’s popular?  Through analysing trends it is possible to see what kinds of videos are being watched, and what topics are popular. With this information, a video you make to promote your brand could in some way align itself to trending topic and capture the traffic and expose your brand.  YouTube Trends is a powerful YouTube marketing tool for your business.

Viral Video

A viral video is the term used to sum up videos that have been made popular through sharing by users. In many respects viral marketing, which is the term expanded to other marketing forms is the basis of social media.  Through creating a video that depicts your brand in a way that will cause one user to share it with a buddy or two, is a fantastic way to raise online presence.  One of the keys to viral video is exposure through a combination of Youtube and SEOYouTube marketing should never be underestimated.

YouTube Channel

Through creating your own YouTube channel, you are establishing a place where people that like what you do can come and see your latest offering in your field. This is a good way to create and promote your brand and market your products through highlighting selling points.  This form of YouTube marketing shows a product in action and makes it more sellable.

Adword Ads on YouTube

You can never rule out the power of direct advertising, and through using an existing Adword account you can put your brand and your product directly in the view of one of YouTube’s daily 3 billion videos. Unlike text or picture ads, video ads work differently in the sense the consumer targeted is slightly different to the one that uses the Google search engine, but nonetheless they are an effective way to get your message out there.

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