Why Advertising In The Yellow Pages Is DEAD!!!

Not so yelloe any more.Conventional advertising lost its charm when online marketing came in the forefront. Now, many experts say that advertising your business in yellow pages is rather a worthless investment to make. It is estimated that around 85% business owners and companies prefer to use internet for their promotion.

It is quite odd for me to think why business owners spend huge amounts on advertising their messages in yellow pages. Does that do any good? Think about it for a second – after so much investment, they still do not get the desired results as many would expect or aim to have. Few pointers, which show why your advertising in yellow pages is dead and is a suicide for your business, are discussed below:

  • Your advertising messages can be changed on yearly basis with Yellow Pages advertising.
  • Statistically speaking, Yellow Pages advertising are losing advertisers each year.
  • Yellow pages readership of potential clients got down nearly 75% in the last decade.
  • Along with the reduction in Yellow pages consumers, there has been a sharp increase in the cost of Yellow pages advertising.
  • Due to poor sales, five National Yellow Pages companies were filed for bankruptcy over the last two years, suggesting their failure to attract readers.

Even if you have much money as investment, but do not focus on proper advertising strategies, your business will not get the exposure it needs. This is why online marketing is highly suggested, and is gaining popularity day by day. This is also a high time for you to know that when I started my own website and fan pages on social media websites, to grab maximum traffic and market my company, online marketing really helped me achieve the desired results. It will improve your sales and you will notice the difference greatly.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should promote your business online:

1. You Save Money

You pay hefty amounts of money for Yellow page advertising. For example, a full page advertisement for Denver Colorado costs almost around $32,000 annually. Here, you are paying for every inch of the space you are occupying. However, with online marketing, you just pay fraction of what you actually pay for Yellow pages, and the response is tremendous too.

2. You Have Ample Space For Content

The space is always the issue, because the more space you occupy, the more amount you have pay. However, in online marketing, you have all the space you want at your disposal for promotion.

3. Online Marketing is Measurable

In Yellow pages, you are unsure about what may grab the attention of your prospects. On the other hand, in online marketing, it is known that certain keywords play an effective role in your company’s advertisement. It also gives access to extensive statistics regarding your customers. For example, your traffic’s age, location, profession, gender, job, etc. can be measured, in order to make your marketing more effectual and impactful.

4. You Establish A Relationship With Your Consumers

With online marketing, you reach to your customers directly. You get the feedback and response spontaneously, which helps you in making your product or service better. With the help of a blog or video, you can also touch your consumers emotionally.

5. You Are The Only Choice

In Yellow pages, there are so many companies in a given list of a category that you may end up worrying that maybe your competitor might have an edge over you. In online marketing, in a particular ad, you are the only choice that is offered to the customer, therefore, you hold a greater advantage over others.

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