UK PPC Company – Why You Should Not Pause or Minimize Your Marketing Spend During Recession


In times of recession, most businesses look to reduce costs and minimize their marketing spend. Even though this is an easy way to control spending, it negatively impacts the performance of the existing business and marketing campaigns. In order to get the best return on their search engine marketing campaign, it is important to continue investing. Here is a brief guide from a UK PPC Company about how your limitation of marketing spend has an effect on your brand and business.


Effects of Limitation in Marketing Spend

  • When you continue to invest in your marketing campaign, you have the control over the marketing message that your searchers come across. But, if you fall out of the auction due to limiting of marketing spend, the representation of your brand on search engines fall into the hands of your affiliates and resellers. This increases that chance that your brand image may fall out with your branding goals.

A high natural listing certainly displays the brand correctly, but it doesn’t have the active benefits of a paid search advertisement. Employing paid search in order to promote the brand and messaging focused on the customer, you are going to engage your customers and at the top of the click.

  • Google recently updated its trademark policy where advertisers are have been allowed the following liberties:
    • To purchase trademark terms owned by other companies
    • Using ad terms of other companies in their own ad copy without their permission

This has made it important for you to display your ad copy on your trademark terms and brand. And, if you don’t bid on your trademark terms and brand and display appropriate ad copy to capture the attention of the searcher, other advertisers are going to use them, even your competition.

  • Savings you make from holding your budget on branding is not going to offset the revenue lost, particularly if the average CPC for your brand is not high. Others who have their brand at high organic position may suppose that they will receive the click without concern that they participate in paid search auction or not, but the fact is that it is not this simple.


In order to measure the effect of reducing or holding your marketing spend, find out how your business’s bottom line is going to get affected, in addition to the general search engine optimization revenue, site traffic and land-based store revenue. There is going to be a major shift, where all the traffic and revenue is not essentially going to directly go to your website’s SEO listing, particularly with other advertisers having the power to utilize your brand and trademarks in Google.

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