Tweak Your Web Design With Firebug

Tweaking web with firebugAs an internet marketer, I come across a lot of problems and challenges pertaining to launching new sites and maintaining the existing ones. Seldom do web designers prove helpful in the entire process, without usual reminding and calling them to know the status and updates.

In amidst of all this, recently, I have come across a rather handy web development tool that allows me to tweak web designs into versions that I want. Apparently, FireBug, an add-on of FireFox, is a popular tool among web developers, and is the reason why they use FireFox so often. It can rightly be termed as an ultimate FireFox add-on for web designers. So in this post, I will share how convenient it is to work on web design using FireBug, and what are its benefits.

FireFox and FireBug allow you to make and see changes to your web design quite easily. To begin with, just navigate the site template you wish to work on using FireFox, and active FireBug. It will be visible in the lower half of the browser, with six tabs, including CSS and HTML. You can easily edit attributes and values in the CSS and HTML of theweb template directly, with changes being displayed in the upper half. Even visual properties are clearly highlighted by FireBug, to facilitate users better understand the CSS. Numeric values can also be easily changed to adjust the positioning, padding and margins. Another convenient feature of FireBug is that it allows CSS properties to be arranged in an alphabetic order, which users can highlight using the arrows on the keyboard.

FireBug’s layout tab provides a visual breakup of each box properties in a box model, which even display the width of each edge. It also reveals the height and width details of the innermost box, and the x and y offset of the element related to its parent.

Firebug comprises a number of extensions, which can be used to add even more development tools, essential for the designing and development of your web page. It uses the most advanced JavaScript debugger that analyzes the performance and network usage accurately for best results.

FireBug  and FireFox are the best tools for web developers. These are tech savvy applications that make your life easy, while you tweak your website to attract more visitors.

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