Top Social Media Websites You Should Build Your Presence On

While blogging and banner advertising is effective by itself in advertising your online business, it’s best that you find out other ways as well. Using social media websites to your advantage can further boost your views from users all around the world, increasing your sales and profits from your online business(es).

With social media websites, you can share your business perspective with other like-minded people, as well as let customers know the products and services you are currently offering. All you need to do is to sign up with a social networking site as a company or as a professional and start reaping the benefits of the wide opportunities. If you are considering Which Social Media Websites Should I Build A Presence On, then the following might help you on answering the question:

  • Taking Advantage of Facebook’s social media capabilities

Facebook has more than 500 million users from all around the world. With plenty of users subscribed to one website, you can effectively reach out to potential customers from all around the world. Facebook is one of the best answers on the question, Which Social Media Websites Should I Build A Presence On. You only need a fan page (an eye-catching one at that), effective advertising (through other websites), and watch as your fan count goes up within days. Including photos and videos of your items and services is also another way to improve and increase your fans, resulting to increased sales. Be sure to regularly communicate with your fans and the people who regularly view your page, as this is very important for customers.

  • Twitter-ing your way to popularity

Twitter is another viable answer to your question Which Social Media Websites Should I Build A Presence On. Of course, you should use Twitter in a more professional way than regular users. Using other Twitter tools that enables you to tweet more than the 140-letter limit is also beneficial, as it lets you tweet longer messages, making your tweet more understandable. Include your URL always (shortened or not) so that they can visit and view your website.

  • Link your business with LinkedIn

Another good social media website to advertise your products and services is LinkedIn. You can create a profile detailing your various items and services you currently offer. And unlike Facebook and Twitter, the majority of the members of this website are professionals, so is a better business community to connect with.

  • Multiply your earnings with Multiply

With Multiply’s growing network (over 20 million users in 2012), you can effectively market your business with people that share common interests. And like Facebook, you can chat and communicate with your visitors and customers, as its website allows full customisation.

  • Other well-known social media websites

Besides Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Multiply, you can find other social media websites that cater to specific segments, products, and services. For example, if your business is based upon technology and gadgets, Tweako is the ideal social media site, where you will find a computer-savvy audience.

Taking advantage of these social media websites will surely boost your website’s popularity, as well as your reputation as an online advertiser / seller.

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