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For your business’s marketing, your online presence is the most crucial thing to focus on. Here comes in Free SEO tools to facilitate you in improving your website’s ratings and traffic. These are actually designed to help you get better keywords and a good analysis on your progress, thus, helping you in increasing your sales, as a result.

There are many free SEO tools available on the internet, but it does get difficult to select which one may work for you. All SEO tools are different and are made to work differently for your required needs and demands. Following top free SEO tools are discussed to help you in your website’s search engine optimization:

  • SEOmoz PageStrength Tool

SEOmoz PageStrength Tool is an informative tool that gets information from a number of indicators, including Google PageRank toolbar. This tool is useful in evaluating purchasing domains, size of competitions, potential partners, etc.

  • Top Ten Analysis SEO Tool

If you visit, you will see that this tool offers a great way to obtain a snapshot of your top ten opponents for any given keyword or search term on Google, keeping you aware of the competition.

  • Go Rank Analyzer

Go Rank Analyzer ( will allow you to see your web page in the form of a snapshot for any keywords you search. It is a good SEO tool, and should be used often to see your search engine rankings.

  • Aftervote

Aftervote is an interesting free SEO tool to use. It is a Meta search engine that tends to combine results of Yahoo, MSN and Google, and gives you a chance to compare all the results. It also provides additional details and information about every search result from Google PageRank, Alexa ranking, Domain Age, etc.

  • Overture Keyword Selector

OvertureKeyword Selector is a handy tool that saves time and effort in finding the right keywords for your online content. You don’t have to individually submit keywords to know their traffic volume. Rather, you just submit a keyword and a list of related keywords will be displayed, along with the number of clicks for each.

  • Spider simulator

Spider simulator helps you in finding hidden links and texts on your competitor’s websites, while giving you a competitive advantage. One of the most used Black hat SEO techniques, these hidden texts and links gives high rankings to websites that uses them. However, spider simulator simulates any search engine by bringing that content in the open, so that you may get the advantage out of it.

  • Social Bookmarking Aggregator Tool

Social Bookmarking Aggregator is a vital free SEO tool,which allows you to see how links are build and bookmarking is done. With the help of this, you can bookmark your posts with various backlinks. As a result, these backlinks help you in getting top positions on search engines. It also allows you to see additional inbound links, in order to gather traffic.

  • Common Links

Common Links is an easy backlink tool, as compared to Yahoo site explorer. Just search a term and you will see the top ten results to get the backlinks from. From here, you can also connect to your competitor’s pages and its links.

These top SEO tools will definitely help you out in bringing your website on higher ranks on search engines. However, it is essential on your part to choose which tool would work best for you, keeping in mind your needs and requirements.

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