The Value of Geo Targeted PPC Campaigns

Internet advertising is increasingly becoming popular due to its reach, effectiveness and low costs, and more and more businesses are acknowledging this fact. It is estimated that the trend of marketing online will only increase, and much of it will be focused on PPC or pay-per-click advertising.

Pay-per-click advertising can be an effective targeted marketing strategy, if done in the right manner using search engines. For quite some time now, I have been using Google PPC to market my company locally, and so far, it has been a rather successful experience for my business. Another pay-per-click strategy that can certainly work wonders for your ROI or return on investment is geo targeting. But what exactly is geo targeted PPC, and how it differs from other PPC strategies?

In simple words, geo targeted PPC is an advertising strategy through which you can target a geographically focused locality, and market your products and services within that (your local market). You can also target a range of open-ended keywords and phrases, like “surgeon”, “nurse”, “liposuction” or similar focused ones such as “surgeon Philadelphia”, “New York nurse”, or “liposuction in California”. This allows only that online community to see your “sponsored listing”that comes under your defined radius, putting your money where it matters the most.

Geo-targeting is a helpful option for local PPC campaigns, or regional advertisers who find it difficult to or can’t reach out to a broader audience. Even national advertisers can make benefit out of geo targeted PPC by expanding their reach through it. This is the reason why many local business owners are opting for geo targeting as it helps them in various aspects of the business.

Here’s a look at why geo targeted PPC is important to local business owners:

1. Getting Quality Traffic

By running a local PPC campaign with geo targeting, business owners can expect to get more focused and qualified online traffic.

2. Using Offline Ad Campaigns

In order to increase brand awareness, local business owners use geo targeted PPC to link online messages with regional TV, radio and outdoor ads, so that the search base can increase. This often works well for e-commerce marketers, who try to get hold of the searches early on in the search arena.

3. Promoting Promotional Offers and Coupons

Bidding on “free coupons” and “offers” nationally costs a huge amount of money. However, bidding for such terms becomes quite affordable and easy if done in a single focused area. This also helps in getting leads from the individuals for the clients and their products.

4. Building an Email Database

Through geo targeted PPC, local business owners can create email database of potential, targeted clients in an inexpensive manner by asking them to sign up for an online competition or poll that requires an email address to enter.

5. Improving Quality Scores and Lowering Clicks Cost

Geo targeted PPC also helps local business owners get good quality scores, thereby resulting in lower click costs and higher ROI than national campaigns.

So if you are confronted with a situation where you have limited PPC budget for effective online marketing, then consider geo targeted PPC. It is easily available on all the three major PPC engines, and will be worth your investment.

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