The Latest PPC Trends Of 2013: Boosting Your Sales With PPC

Pay per click, or more commonly known as PPC, is one of the most popular ways to advertise your websites or blogs, as well as the items and products you want to sell over the Internet. Marketers who opt for PPC as a form of marketing need to bid for a specific keyword, or keyword phrase that is relevant to their product to be able to promote their product or business on the Internet.

Pay Per Click-PPC

It is important for PPC marketers to take advantage of the Internet and the different PPC trends to stay on top of the game. Here are some of the latest PPC trends of the current year:

*Higher Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost Per Clicks have risen dramatically, compared to previous years where it can be bought for $10 – $20 / 5000 – 10000 views. The recent partnership of Bing and Yahoo! also affected the Cost Per Click value, increasing the price by 15%. So in order to be successful in your PPC advertising, you will need to allocate more funds for your PPC advertising. While this is not a good thing par se, successful advertising can net you can earn you more money back than that invested depending on your PPC marketing strategy. Make sure that your campaign is highly optimized or contact TechiSphere for a free review of your account today so we can help you achieve the best return on your investment.

*Integration to mobile devices

With the advent of smart phones such as iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phones and others, it is important that you make your products available and accessible to those who prefer to use smart phones over their computers. Also, you can improve your website’s popularity with the help of mobile advertising, enabling you to reach out to even more potential customers.

*Improved social media advertising

Social media is very beneficial for those who market their products over the Internet, as it lets them reach out to customers who have the same interests. With the introduction of more social media websites, advertisers can get more potential customers and clients if they take advantage of these websites.

*Local advertising is more accessible

While the Internet is indeed a good way to advertise your websites and products that you sell, a good marketer shouldn’t overlook the power of local advertising. Plus, some websites on the Internet, particularly Google, can help you with your advertising, listing your products and services with their Google Ads, targeting the right type of audience and location.

Take note of these trends and you are sure to be successful with PPC marketing campaign in no time!

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