The History of Internet Search & Google

Google entered the search engines market in 1998, but before that, a number of other capable search engines were already facilitating the internet users in their respective capacities. The history of search engines reveals that Altavista was more advanced technically in the year 1998 than Google.

But before going into the Google search engine history, we should know what other web search engines were functional before and at the inception of Google. After the unmatched success and popularity of MOSAIC browser in 1993, Internet Magazine came up with an “extensive list” of 100 top websites in 1994. This made the internet trend common among the masses, though slowly.

The first search engine WAIS was used to search full-text documents on numerous internet hosts. But still, it was impossible for humans to list or keep a record of the ever-expanding internet, which drew attention to the inability of the infant web directories and internet magazines to catch up with the pace at which internet was advancing.

From the year 1993 till 1996, the number of World Wide Web (WWW) sites increased to 130 in the year 1993 and 600,000 in 1996. WWW Wanderer, launched in 1993, was the world’s first web crawler capable of collecting sites to measure the ever-increasing web world. This was the booming era in the history of search engines, which brought about new technologies in web crawling for users around the world. After WWW Wanderer, developer Mathew Gray launched a search index named “wandex”, which gathered and listed results through crawled actions.

In 1994, WebCrawler was introduced that had two essential features, which neither WAIS nor Wanderer had. Firstly, it used a robot for crawling results, and secondly, it used to index full-text documents. Until then, the expansion of web index was beyond the reach of many search engines, therefore, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) stepped in with its latest and super-speedy Alpha 8400 TurboLaser processor; and launched its search engine Altavista in 1995. Altavista was the first web-based and commercial strength search engine in the history of search engines, which catered around 300,000 visits on its first day, while serving 19 million requests every day within just 9 months of its launch.

Then came in the Google search engine, which revolutionized the internet world with its easy keyword-based searching to find relevant web results. When we look at the Google search engine history, we get to know that Google was the company that introduced the use of mathematical algorithms, which gave a boost to SEO business through employing various techniques. This eventually resulted in the betterment of both webmasters and users, who started to access crucial information online, while earning through the web.

This brief history of search engines highlights the important developments that have occurred in the past few decades. A look at it apparently suggests that search engines will only evolve in future into more convenient and technologically-enhanced tools, facilitating users in their online needs and requirements.

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