The Continued Rise of Mobile Internet Browsing

Rapid rising in mobile browsing.With the inception of internet and technologies related to it, people have become more aware and attracted towards latest gadgets. Mobile internet browsing smartphones are one of the most sought after technologies of today, which both youngsters and adults are keen to adopt to have an instant access to internet.

Internet browsing today is not just limited to broadband attached to your personal computer or laptop to carry out all your business and personal priorities. Mobile internet browsing smartphones is the latest trend that took the UK to heels because of easy availability and an increasing need for internet browsing, especially when you are out and about.

According to watchdog Ofcom’s latest report “Communications Market in 2012”, mobile internet browsing smartphones have become very popular and their ownership have increased from 7.2 million to 12.8 million within 12 months since May 2012 in England. This accounts to about a quarter of population using mobile internet browsing smartphones.

A significant rise in 24-month cell phones contracts has been observed, rising to 63 per cent within second quarter of 2012, when compared to 2008’s 3 per cent. The upgrade in smartphones from keypad to touch screen technology has made it quite fun and an easy task to go online and access the sites. With an increase in the download speed from 4.1 M bits/sec to 5.2 M bits/sec, it doesn’t require people to wait long for the page to load.

According to the report, it was observed that people in UK now spend 14 hours per month through mobile internet browsing smartphones, as compared to 8 hours span in the year 2008. Also, it highlights that mobile users within UK sent 100 billion texts in 2009, which is equivalent to approximately 1700 texts per person in UK, compared to 1200 texts for every person in 2008.

Internet browsing through mobile phones is more common among the people aged 16 to 24 years. This age group has also caused a 29 per cent raise in media multi-tasking.  For quite some time, smartphones ownership was limited to just high-end contract mobile users, but now, it is affordable to everybody, with monthly charges amounting to GBP70 (EUR 84.92). Smartphones are also used by youngsters for video and audio consumption, internet access and social networking; with spending almost half of their time in text phonesThe most essential factors in the growth of mobile internet browsing smartphones include the browsing speed offered by mobile operators, flat-rate data services, which allow the mobile users to user flat-rate data bundles at affordable packages, the increase in mobile applications provided by Apple and Google, and easy access to a vast range of functions. All the above mentioned factors have led to the increase in internet browsing using smartphones within UK, giving an ever-increasing boost to the mobile internet browsing industry.

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