Social Media Optimisation – Using Social Media Optimisation for Business Profit

When you are trying to increase the traffic to your business website to bolster your sales and profit, social media optimisation may give you a big boost. Essentially, it drives new and returning browsers to your site through RSS feeds, shared news stories, share buttons, polls and ratings, as well as various images and videos, at least those that don’t slow down your page load speed. The whole concept is not unlike what is known as SEO, or search engine optimisation, except that the visitors to your site come from a variety of venues like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and similar social media and community sites.

One of the most positive attributes to social media optimisation is its ability to connect users and referrals to your site through viral marketing. If you run across a link that is interesting, cool, or otherwise useful, all you have to do is click and forward the link to your friends’ emails and then they likely forward it to their friends, and so on and so on. How you manage your website, business, and personal image and reputation may be crucial to how your site fares. Just as a great site or business can gain momentum through a social media referral system, it can also perish or suffer through the same technique.

One of the main ideas behind social media optimisation and viral marketing is that browsers help your content travel by passing it on to others which saves you from being labelled as spam. If you do a good job by making your tagged pages and action buttons easier to find and use, your rankings and exposure could also climb positively. You want people to link to your site or cross market with you by having their link on your site. Subscriptions to site blogs, podcasts, or video logs are also great elements that enhance and encourage unique and return visitors to your site.

If you are new to using the internet to increase your business presence and profit, ask an experienced web marketer for a consultation. There are all kinds of small tweaks that can be made to a site that encourage higher rankings and hopefully more sales for you. Keep in mind that ranking formulas shift according to a variety of variables and a page one ranking may not last forever or even more than a few hours. You will need to add fresh, useful content to your site periodically or blog frequently so that search engine crawlers can find you and social media optimisation has a chance to take hold on your behalf.

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