Significance of Google Sitemaps

For any web based business to flourish, it is very important to get good Google rankings. The closer your site gets to the first page of listing, the better. The aim should be to get listed in the first page of the results provided by Google in response to a search related to the kind of business you do. Suppose you have a business of selling online flight tickets. You should make arrangements so that whenever a person searches the keyword flight tickets or, anything similar, the link of your site is returned by Google as a part of the first page of results. This can be achieved by Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. The first step to SEO is getting your web pages listed in the directory of Google.

Whenever a new site is uploaded, Google and other popular search engines track them and register them automatically. But, it is still better to get your site listed. This can be done by using Google sitemaps. This is an application that can be used to list and register the presence of new web pages. It is best to list each and every page of your website individually. This ensures better response. You can get a lot of business if you get listed in Google.

There are several benefits of Google sitemaps. It enables the webmasters to alert Google directly for any changes and additions on a website. The submission process is responsible for telling search engines about any new website or new pages. But, this process is too old. The modern search engines do not use this process now. The technology used by Google sitemaps is highly advanced and modern. The external links of any website are main target of Google to find new websites. For most of the website owners, Google sitemaps is the most important development. Many websites have hit the internet through it. If you are waiting for weeks or months to get listed on Google then you will be excited knowing that you can get listed very quickly through this process. The entire matter is mainly dependent on the rich contents and articles. The technology really works. The technology is simpler than the other technologies like RSS feed or Blog etc. These are indirect methods but, if you use Google, the entire process is done directly. All search engines can use it.

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