SEO Blogging – Tips to Optimise Search Rankings with SEO Blogging

If you’ve been marketing or selling services and products on the internet for long, chances are you are aware of how search rankings can affect your website success and overall productivity. Customers frequently type in a keyword or phrase when they want to find a product or service, and a search engine will generate pages of sites that are ranked according to various elements. One of the best ways to get your site ranked higher so new and returning customers can find your site is by SEO blogging.

SEO blogging is writing frequent content designed to optimize search engine capabilities. You want to add frequent, useful and well-written articles, or blogs, to your site so search engines will find you. Not only can your new content inform browsers of sales and new information, but blogs can also alert subscribers who are not immediately on your website to visit. Sometimes blogs are so popular that links get passed around by readers to new readers or visitors to your site can rate your blog in a manner that also can get search engine attention.

You do not have to do your own SEO blogging if writing is not your strongest set of skills. You can always hire someone to do this and it’s best if they understand your business and typical client demographics very well. You don’t even have to be yourself to produce a blog. In other words, you could create a fictional character to express information in a unique or humorous way that encourages ongoing visits to your website. For example, if you sell fresh eggs on the internet, maybe you or your web technician come up with a persona to sell your egg. Each week, Chuckie Chicken, or the Clucky Lucky Lady can inform subscribers that eggs are now on sale or tell readers how to make a great egg salad sandwich.

Whether or not you are yourself or choose an alternate or fictional personality, blog intelligently and consider allowing comments to be made or questions asked of you and your blog. Search engines pick up on the popularity and interest in sites as expressed by repeat visitor frequency not just unique clicks or new visitor comments. This is another great reason to remind visitors directly and via links that they can subscribe to your blog and get regular updates. For busy people, blog subscriptions are great because they remind us to go to a site when there is already so much competition for our time and attention.

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