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SEO and search engines are very important to businesses in general much less those that conduct transactions on the internet. When a search engine can find a business site easily that meets some basic criteria, like new content, links provided, and evidence of popularity, that may have a great chance of coming up higher in a search engine ranking. The higher your website is ranked, the better, because when you are at the top of the list, your products and services are the first ones a potential customer has to choose from. Many people don’t go past the first page or two of a search, and many don’t click on anything but the first few site links listed, so anyone selling anything wants to be at the top of those lists.

When discussing SEO and search engines, a discussion about black and white hat techniques might come up. Basically, white hats are internet marketers who are using accepted guidelines set forth by Google to provide a chance at a level playing field for businesses competing on the internet. Black hats are less scrupulous and are known for misdirecting browsers, using dummy pages, and buying and paying for links to get higher site rankings. Black hats can become very successful and rich but they can also face serious fines and blacklisting if they are caught in unethical business practise.

Google highly recommends that people not worry so much about the mechanics of page and site ranking but rather focus on running an active business with integrity. The use of new content that is well written and informative helps websites achieve higher rankings more consistently than static websites that are never updated. One way to add new content to a website is an indirect route called blogging. Blogging can be either a formal or informal way of communicating new information to viewers. Blogs can be subscribed to, so every time you post a new blog, your reader can receive your update and opportunity to visit and purchase from your website.

Other ways to satisfy SEO and search engines for positive rankings include adding viral components to your website and blogs like reviews, forum comment sections, visitor comment areas, and similar participatory devices. Also, consider including podcasts, video links, and other social content that relates to or is complimentary to your site content. You can also add a quote of the day, cartoon, or video to also draw repeat visitors to your site and increase your overall ranking.

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