Why Use Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Simple – It generates results….. FAST !!!
You can have your website at the top of Google, Yahoo or MSN within a day.

A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign that is correctly managed should be at the top of all companies marketing strategies as the leads and sales that it will generate will be a fantastic return on investment.

BUT…..Beware !!! To start a Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaign with no / little knowledge can be a very costly mistake as budgets can be wasted on clicks with no value and of little relevancy to your products or services.

Get it right and not only will you pay less per click, but you will also get a better return on investment as the adverts you display will be targeting people who are in buying mode and are actively looking for what you have to offer.

Why It Is A Mistake Not To Have Your PPC Campaign Managed !!!

Setting up and running a PPC marketing campaign with little knowledge and experience can be both time consuming and costly. With so many things to consider it is little wonder why some of your competitors are constantly in the top positions of the sponsored search results as chances are they have hired a professional to manage their campaign to achieve the very best results.

PPC is equally as complicated as SEO – if not more so nowadays….. It is critical that you get all of the following right in order to maximise your ROI and harness all of the opportunities that Pay Per Click marketing presents:

Keyword lists of thousands of keywords as opposed to hundreds.
Use landing pages to convert PPC traffic.
Do NOT use Search Network Partners – these create lots of impressions but very little traffic of value and also have increased fraudulent clicks.
Bid on your brand to stop competitors benefiting from your name.
Use your competitors name and brand to generate traffic.
Use GEO Targeting where appropriate to your products or services.
Test your adverts for Conversion and Click Through Rate (CTR). Track EVERYTHING and use Google Analytics.
Make use of Ad Groups and ensure that your keywords are contained in your adverts as well as on the destination URL.
When the user gets to the destination page, make sure there is a strong call to action.
Use negative keywords to stop unwanted clicks, improve the advert quality score and increase the conversion rates of your adverts.
PPC SuccessYou will need a resource with the time, skills and experience to run your PPC marketing campaign effectively. If you do not have an in-house resource then using a PPC Management company will ensure that you get the most from your budget. Our experience shows that our clients campaigns are more cost effective and increase the ROI when using our services.