Pay Per Click Birmingham – History and Concepts

Pay per click, also known as PPC, is an effective advertising method used on the Internet. It can help increase website traffic to a business by incorporating small advertisements on search engines. In order to effectively use this form of marketing, it is important to understand how it works. In some cases, a business will find the most success working with a pay per click Birmingham company. This city is located at the centre of the country’s road and rail network, with airline flights available throughout Europe and internationally.

Pay per click began in 1998. The model for this type of advertising was developed by Bill Gross, the founder of This was the first time that a pay per click advertising technique was used successfully. In December of 1999 Google began incorporating search engine advertising. The popular AdWords system was introduced in 2000. At that time, advertisers paid a flat rate based on a cost-per-thousand ad views, also known as impressions. The current pay per click advertising method was launched in 2002 and is still in use today. In addition, there are many companies that now specialize in this form of online marketing, include pay per click Birmingham organizations.

Pay per click offers a variety of advantages that are not found in traditional advertising methods. One of the most important is the ability to target the advertisements to specific searches. By using keywords, an advertiser can market to potential clients that fit their ideal demographic. They can create a variety of different advertisements based on the keyword phrase and test different versions to see which is the most effective at increasing website traffic. A pay per click Birmingham company can work with your business to develop an effective online marketing plan.

A business begins uses search engine marketing by developing a list of keywords and creating short ads for each one. When a person visits a search engine and types a keyword phrase, these ads appear. Each time an ad is viewed it is called an impression. In pay per click, these impressions are free, but the advertisers pay each time their ad is clicked. The cost is predetermined based on a cost that the advertiser chooses, called the cost per click, or CPC. The advertisers that have the highest cost per click receive the top spots on the first page of search results. Conversion rate refers to the number of clicks versus the number of impressions. Campaigns with high conversion rates are the most effective and this can easily be achieved by working with a pay per click Birmingham company.

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