Page Load Speed and SEO – How Page Load Speed and SEO Can Impact Your Web Business

One of the most frustrating issues when using the internet is waiting for a page to load. Page load speed and SEO elements can be crucial to your business. The reason page load is so crucial is that if it takes seemingly forever for your page to load, or if the page does not load completely or function properly, your potential customer or even your returning customer is likely to search or click on a site other than your own to make a purchase. Sometimes you have the specific item or service a customer wants and they already know you have the price they are willing to pay, but don’t count on it.

People don’t generally like to wait at all, much less for very long. Sometimes it is the user’s computer, internet speed or other factors that affect page load but in the end, it is your business that suffers the most of customers can’t get to and use your web pages conveniently. You can utilize various page load speed and SEO optimizers. Do some research on Google or refer your webmaster accordingly. Page load speeds can also impact your customer’s ability to complete debit and credit card purchases if the information is not accepted within the secured time available for a transaction.

There may be instances where improper page loads lead a customer to duplicate transactions and be charged more than they should be. Make sure you follow-up on page load speed and SEO issues in a timely manner for the sake of your business and reputation. Google does offer tools, advice, and services to help you navigate page load problems so don’t wait if you and your customers are experiencing difficulties. The speed at which your page loads could also potentially affect your rankings in search engine algorithms, so again, make sure your site is functioning and loading as quickly as possible.

Some other things you can do to optimize your page load speed and SEO so you get the best loading speed possible is by removing whatever you really don’t need on your website design. The busier your site is with tables, videos and moving graphics, and other elements, the longer it can take to load and the more that can go wrong or stall your site from loading fully. Use thumbnail size photos where possible. Your customers could easily enlarge a photo if they need to once your site has loaded properly.

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