Jumpstart Your Business with These 7 Simple SEO Tips to Rank on Local Keywords

These SEO tips to rank on local keywords will help you to get the edge on your competition. In order to be in a good position you should consider a few things. Before you begin be sure that you have optimized your website and made it ready to receive quality traffic.

7 simple SEO tips to rank on local keywords

  1. Find exact keywords: Go to Google Ad words and use their special tool. This useful tool will bring up many new words and phrases when you enter your main keyword. This will give you broad ones and phrases by default. What you need is exact keywords. These are presented by “in parenthesis” and will eliminate general searches. Change the default to exact searches; these are the keywords you will need for local searches.
  2. More SEO tips to rank on local keywords look for niche ones: These will be ones that have a high ratio of searches and not much advertising competition. You can rank higher when competition is less. Google has a green indicator to show how much competition you have. Choose keywords that have only ½ the space covered with green. This indicates less competition.
  3. Making local profiles is another good SEO tip to rank on local keywords: Make a local profile on local Bing, local Yahoo and Google Places. Get listed in state and city directories.
  4. Reviews: Place customer reviews of your product or service on your business profile at the local Bing, local Yahoo and Google places. This will improve your rank.
  5. Important SEO tips to rank on local keywords are Meta tags and HTML: Remember to use your local keywords and phrases in your Meta description. Header tags can also help you with rank in local searches. Try to keep the HTML of your site simple. This means search engine bots can crawl your site quickly.
  6. Sitemap: Make sure you have a sitemap with robot Txt on your site. These SEO tips to rank on local keywords help search engine bots to navigate your site properly.
  7. Get listed in Google maps. You can do this by listing your business in Google Local Search. List your local keywords that you wish to rank for, in the categories provided. You will be asked to verify your listing. This can be done quickly via phone.

Additionally here are a couple of SEO tips to rank on local keywords that will help you to improve local SEO rank by social media networking this off page SEO technique will build back links and raise your ranking in the search engines. Make accounts at Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Post to these sites and link back to your website. Make sure that you have a blog that links to these social media sites and your website.  Some other useful SEO tips to rank on local keywords are to be sure to use social bookmarking through onlywire.com, whenever you have new website content or a new blog. Additionally link your website and blogs to a hub page and squidoo lens.

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