Introduction to Building a Winning Brand


Regardless of your business, creating a strong web presence is essential to its success.  Online brands that have become household names are successful for a number of reasons, and one of which is that they have a unique selling point, which they emphasize online.  Creating an online brand is more a question of persistence and patients though strategy will play its part too.

You are probably familiar with terms such as viral marketing, social media and search engine optimization. These are elements of brand building online, however it is important to start with the basics for any company before you start the business of online brand promotion.

Identify Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

This is crucial for any business and the starting point to see if you have one. Online brands are up against fierce competition from all over the world. To stand out from the competition you have to have a USP.  This provides a reason why someone will visit your site and not visit one of your competitors.  Once you have your USP this will focus your online brand initiative, and be emphasized to promote your site over a thousand others.

Hopefully you will be able to identify several USPs for your brand.

Identify Your Customers

Knowing the kinds of people that will be visiting your site and hopefully buying something from you is important. Once you have identified your customers or clients you can then aim your products, services, and message straight at them, grabbing their attention and holding it fast. Researching your customer base will not only pay dividends in this regard, but will also provide an insight into the possibilities that can be available in terms of revenue, and what other business opportunities exist that you can maximize.


To build an online brand you have to have a professional website. Selling through the web is no different to bricks and mortar retail as building trust and credibility with customers and clients is vital to long term success. If people see a professional no nonsense website, then they are more likely to buy from it and revisit it. Knowing your customers or clients comes into play here too, as a website and its content can be targeted specifically at them, increasing the chances that they will purchase from you.

Like a conventional store, you should be customer focused and pull out all the stops to deliver.

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