How to Get Links from Sites with High Google PageRank

Google page ranks defined

If your website can’t be found through search engines, then you’re not going to receive much traffic unless you try other methods. One great idea would be to utilize Google PageRank.

In a nutshell, Google PageRank is a feature which gives numerical values that represent the importance of a page on the web. According to Google, when a page links you to another page, it indirectly casts a vote for that page. Thus, the more votes a page receives, the more popular it ought to be. Google then calculates a page’s significance from the votes cast for it. Thus, the importance of each page is taken into account when a page’s PageRank is calculated. As a result, a page’s rank in the search results will be determined as well.

Today, marketers instinctively understand the importance of links. But unfortunately, quantifying the value of link-building efforts in a systematic way can be quite a tedious job, especially when you have to justify the expense of link building efforts to your clients.

How Do You Get A High Google Page Rank?

One of the best and most effective ways to build a Google Page Rank is by writing excellent and useful content.

However, since Google PageRank relies mainly on links, all incoming and outgoing links are extremely crucial. Every single link that comes into your site (either link back, track back, or even back link) is given a value. This overall value of your incoming links plays a pivotal role in your page ranking on Google.

Every link is given a value, based on how highly the site that is linked to you is rated. Thus, when it comes to incoming links from high PR sites, the higher the Page Rank of the page hosting your links, the better your chances of increasing your Google Page Rank are. And, the higher your Page Rank, the more visible you will become online .

Some Useful Tips

Here are some quick tips to get links from high PR sites:

  • When submitting an article or some content to any of the popularly used article directory, always make sure that it contains a backlink to your own website thus boosting your own search engine ranking.
  • Get yourself enlisted in some of the most popularly used search engine directories. These get at least a hundred visitors every day. Moreover, you’d be amazed to see the increase in your ranking within just a quick span of time.
  • Another source of getting links from a high PR site is social media. Try publishing your content on social websites like YouTube Facebook, etc. and your blogs will end up reaching a wide array of audience that will link back to your own website and improve its ranking.
  • Create link bait. This simply means that people naturally link to content they find useful. So, if your blogs or content answers their questions or appeals to them, they’ll want to publish your content on their website or newsletter and at the same time allow you to get links from high PR sites.

Getting links from sites with high Google Page Rank is no rocket science; all you need is some hard work, a tactful approach and the determination to get what you want.

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