How to Build Your Own Ecommerce Page: The World of Internet Marketing


While your business might be small, the internet allows you think and to dream big! When it comes to global connection, it really does not matter of the size of your business. The Internet enables you to play in the same field with the big guns, reaching customers all over the world who can conveniently purchase your products via your online store 24/7. And one way to support your online business, for sure, is by building your very own ecommerce page / website!

Things to be included in ecommerce pages:

When you start to create your own ecommerce page, there are things to be kept in mind:

  • Identity matters

    What it means by identity is that you need to differentiate yourself with your competitors! Make sure that the domain name, or URL, becomes a memorable one that your customers cannot get out of their head. Also, pick your web address so that the customers may get to know who you are from it and easily find you in internet. The key – keep it short and memorable. Once you have one, register the domain names for protection of intellectual property, brand name, and trademarks.

  • Friendly features

    Remember that you need to introduce your product, and to have customers to buy your product, put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to know before spending your money upon something? These things might include:

  • the overview of the company,
  • information about the products and services they offer
  • complete product specification: price, features, colour etc
  • testimonials, case studies, or the stories of customers who have purchased your product or used your service
  • FAQ section, clearly to anticipate common issues asked by customers
  • Eye-catching main page

    Whenever your customers come to your page, make sure that they are welcomed! Spend some investment on graphic design to help you to build up a main page that would convince your customers to at least take a look in what you are going to offer. Interactive features might help your customers to get to know your business, as well as to keep them coming right back to your page so to be introduced with something new. Choose the right site-building tools which are readily available online; which some actually do not require you to be an IT expert to learn.

  • Trust is the key

    We know that the internet is the world of anonymous, and thus trust seems to be hard to achieve. Make sure customers are ensured that your site is secure; for example by being legitimated from trusted organization or guaranteed sign with the legality that could be tracked back. You will never have the private information from your customers such as credit card or phone numbers which enable transaction if you cannot gain their trust! Make your customer feel that they are safe and away from fraud, the key when you want to be successful in internet business.

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