How to Build a Winning Brand Online Part 2 – Web Presence

In Part 1, we looked at identifying your key selling points, identifying your customers, and building a professional website and reputation. Once you have carried out the necessary research, you are ready to move forward and begin to establish a web presence.


Though social media and search engine optimization all play their part in the development of online brands it is the quality of your web content and or products that will determine whether your brand has longevity or will fade into the myriad of a million websites.

Together with promoting your USPs, this should be your focus and will drive both search engine optimization and social media promotional work.

Social Media

There can be no ignoring or escaping from using social media. It is simply the medium of the web and it should be incorporated into every promotion your company performs. Millions of users use social media which makes it an ideal base to promote your brand in the minds of your target customers.


Create a fan page for your brand and start putting useful information about your brand on the page. This will mirror your website in many respects, and there are numerous plug-ins you can use from other social media sources that will put the content on to your fan page automatically.

Facebook offers a good platform for targeted ads, as well as for running promotions. Think of it as a way of engaging people and always be polite and helpful if people want to ask questions.

Targeted ads can be configured around demographics and this is a good way to attract fans of the site. Accumulating fans for your site is the best way to build your brand and should be your goal. Incorporate USPs into the ads.


Twitter is arguably one of the more confusing social networking sites. It has become both a promotional tool in the sense of informing people about events and points of interest and a messaging service for questions and answers. This means it can be used to engage people for networking purposes. Twitter when used correctly, can build your brand significantly.


Blogging is simply marvelous. Regardless of format, it is the ideal way to show your brand is the business and knows what it is talking about. This should be the focus of your efforts to build your brand, and through choosing topics your customers will find interesting and relevant will bring them back to the blog for more information.

Using sites such as and you can link several social media sites together including Facebook and Twitter.

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