Google Webmaster Tools – Use Google Webmaster Tools to Create a Great Website

Google offers some great tools to help webmasters manage and optimize websites for maximum productivity. You can easily search for the tools on Google’s website or search for Google Webmaster Tools specifically. Tools provided will help webmasters quantify data about the visibility and ranking of their sites. One of these tools can show you how Google performs a crawl, or index, of your site, and what if any problems may be hindering that process. Whether you are new to web marketing or have been marketing on the web for as long as you can remember, Google is constantly enhancing and updating its recommendations and processes to help everyone have an equal chance of productivity and success.

Other free Google Webmaster Tools help users view, index, and download both internal and external links so you can see what Google queries help get browsers to your site and how browsers are arriving to your site via direct links, ad banners or other elements. You will be able to clearly see how other sites are linking to your sites. Google tutorials will take users through the process of how to use a dashboard, diagnostics, statistics, links and sitemaps to boost site productivity and visibility in rankings. Your privacy is protected throughout the process and your help in that area is achieved with a verification step.

When you start using Google Webmaster Tools, you will get instruction as to how you can add sites to your account for Google’s bots to most effectively diagnosis and evaluate your sites. Google will summarize such problems as broken links, or other errors on its Webmaster Tools portal. Helpful visuals are provided among tool amenities so you can see clearly as well as read descriptions of Google’s findings. If you don’t understand a result that Google generates, you can seek additional clarification or perhaps consider a tools discussion forum where others who have experienced your situation can offer advice.

Google Webmaster Tools allow you to control access to your site’s information, set a crawl rate, set a geographic target, set up sitemaps so Google can find your hard-to-find pages, set a preferred domain, enhance image search methods, and remove any pages from Google’s index that you’d prefer non-indexed. All of these tools, when maximized and managed effectively, should help your business rank higher at some point in the Google ranking process and help customers find your services and products.

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