Google URL Shortener – Effects on SEO

If you have not heard of the Google URL shortener and its effects on SEO, that’s because it’s still only a few weeks old. The technique makes it easier to forward links and information to others via email by condensing and converting long and often complicated web address locations to a shorter one that won’t break as easily when it is forwarded. Since social media optimisation has become such an important factor in viral marketing and linking people through popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, this shortener could easily become extremely popular and have a major impact on the click-through rate of your site.

One of Google URL shortener’s obvious effects on SEO is the fact that links can be improved in their structure and make sites easer to navigate. The easier it is to access and navigate a site, the more that access and navigation can have a positive effect on your site search rankings. People want to be able to find sites quickly that have the goods, services, and information they want, and if they don’t, they will move on quickly to a site that does. When the rest of your site structure is well-designed and makes good use of accurate and unique meta tags, your rankings can improve.

Another benefit of Google URL shorteners and a positive effect on SEO is a simple or friendly URL is going to catch a webcrawler’s attention faster and rank your site higher than sites with extremely long or confusing URLs that are hard for people to understand or even recognize. The more user friendly your link or whatever the Google shortener turns it into, the easier it is for people to click and refer your site link when they see it show up in search results. To that end, don’t use excessive keywords or repetitive keywords. Also, don’t use generic names for your webpages if you can avoid that practise. Another extremely important tip is to not use multiple versions of a URL to reach the same document. Employing multiple versions of a single document URL can dilute and hinder your search rankings.

To understand the full benefits and possibilities of Google URL shortener and its effects on SEO, seek the advice and services of a qualified and experienced web marketer who is up to speed on the latest strategies and white hat techniques to bring visitors and the money they have to spend to your business website.

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