Google Sitemaps – Why Are They Important?

There is no denying in the fact that Google is a preferred choice for many among all search engines. As compared to other less prominent search engines, Google results are far much better, and is the prime reason that majority of the internet users use it for their everyday searches.

With greater number of people using Google, numerous websites make their web content and pages Google-friendly. This also brings about more chances of advertising and maximum exposure. Keeping this in mind, Google decided to come up with Google Sitemaps. The service, began in June 2005, facilitates the process of web page submission to Google. Additionally, this results in an advantage that you can receive a detailed report about your submitted page, and its visibility on Google search page.

The service has helped the webmasters to improve their web content, images and material so that they can acquire better ratings on Google. The idea behind SEO Google Sitemaps was to offer better and competitive search engine results for all its clients and users. As internet becomes more common and saturated, it is quite difficult to locate all web pages with relevant content easily. Thus, web crawling is a tedious job, and requires modern technologies for effective results. Google Sitemaps, in this regard,has made this job easy for its users. With its help, it is now easier to get all the possible URLs in a website, and track the changes made in it.Now, with their every search, users get a new index of pages on the web.

Using Google Sitemaps program is easy too. In order to use it, webmasters need to download a free source tool, known as Sitemap Generator. This helps in creating Sitemap with the help of Sitemap protocol. Another good thing about Google Sitemaps is that it takes codes generated from another party, free of cost. Secondly, it also provides a list of all the available software from the third party that is present in the Google Sitemap pages.

Increasingly, improvements are being made in Google Sitemaps to make it more facilitating for the webmasters and their needs. Therefore, new features are added on frequent basis. Few of the newly added features to it are discussed below, and how they are important for the web users:

  • Once the website gets verification, webmasters get access to latest statistics and errors regarding it from Google, which consequently helps them to improve their web pages.
  • You can see your web page rankings and can improve the position through SEO.
  • You can get access to common text or keywords that are used by other websites, as well as to link to their pages.

An interesting development in the program is the Google XML sitemap for the WordPress. This plug- in help search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to index blogs and its content page better. With such sort of facility, in the form of sitemap, it has become easy for the users to retrieve your site conveniently, and can see it in its complete form.Sitemap feed, Google Yahoo, Bing and more

This plug-in supports all types of WordPress pages, including custom URLs. In addition to that, it also notifies all search engines whenever you create a post on it.

Google Sitemaps is an important feature of internet crawling,and is proving to be very effective in bringing maximum traffic to websites. It has simplified the work of running a website for the webmasters. It enables them to make their pages more inclusive, and get major exposure as a result.

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