Google PageRank – Why Google PageRank Can Be a Factor in Your Website Business

If you’re like most business owners who use the internet to sell your products and services, you want your website and advertising to be the first thing people see when they do an internet search for the types of products and services you sell. Unless you are the only seller of an item or service that no one else offers in any altered format, you must compete accordingly for a high ranking with internet search engines. Essentially, Google PageRank is a very important element to whether your site comes up high or low in an internet search. The Google Toolbar shows a visited page’s ranking as anywhere between 0 and 10. How Google determines an actual page ranking has not been disclosed but is frequently guessed at by web marketers.

Depending on key words, frequent and new data posted to your site, and other factors, your website may come up in the first one, two, or three listings on a search page or you may be anywhere in a long line of other marketers trying to sell your products. Google PageRank uses a formula or algorithm to determine website rankings. The program weights certain elements related to a website and they are ranked accordingly. Having a basic understanding of the ranking process can help in form your marketing strategy for successfully high page ranks.

Google PageRank was created at Stanford University and is owned by Google. While certain aspects of the page ranking process is available to study and employ, much of the process remains exclusive and difficult for marketers to consistently conquer in their quest to achieve high rankings. The page ranking algorithm process operates from the standpoint of various probabilities that take into account even such things as whether someone will accidentally or unintentionally click on an advertisement or website link. This is called a dampening factor or random surfer action.

Google PageRank does strictly prohibit the sale of paid text links and does fine those who attempt such manipulations of the ranking system. The process of how Google identifies those who attempt to use the ranking system improperly is kept private and available only as needed within Google staff. By such careful monitoring of the page ranking system, Google helps maintain the integrity and fair-use for all users. Google has stressed for the last few years that internet marketers should not completely focus on this page ranking process as the main element to their websites high or low rankings.

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