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With the advancements in the world of internet, every organization is at its toes to give the best and fastest service to its customers. Search engines play a vital role in getting the maximum traffic. The fastest and most authentic the service is, the greater will be the number of visitors. Moreover,search engines are rapidly changing to facilitate the users with their online needs. Google instant search is the new concept that shows instant results within few seconds of when you type the word.

In order to provide you with better search results and on an accelerated pace, Google instant search has changed the dimension of search engines. Pushing the existing limits of technology, this new search enhancement is really helpful. The whole idea emerged on the basic knowledge that people type slowly, as compared to reading. Amazingly, the statistics that were revealed showed that any user would take about 300 milliseconds to type, but only 30 milliseconds to look on a part of a page. This concluded that people could easily scan result pages inless time than typing in their keywords.

Here stepped in the idea of Google instant search, where even when you are not done with typing your complete word, the results start appearing. The moment you type the first word, a drop menu showing results opens. And there is a very possible chance that you may get your desirable page or result with just typing the first keyword. Thus, you do not have to write the complete word, which saves your time.

Another advantage of this service is that as you type, you can make out the selected search terms that bring better feedback for you. It gives you more precise results for your search query.It does not slow down your internet connection, and works as efficiently as any other search engine.

Following, we take a look at some of the benefits and services that Google instant search has incorporated for its users:

  • By evaluating your search and bringing results before you even finish typing, Google instant search actually save 2 to 5 seconds per search. This is helpful, as there are searches whose keywords take 30 to 90 seconds to type.
  • Now, you do not have to go back to the search page, if you do not get your desired results. With this instant search, you get results as you type in.
  • Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for exactly, predictions at Google instant search helps your search. The top prediction that is shown in grey text, in the search box, enables you to stop typing as you see what you require.
  • If every user uses Google Instant worldwide, it is roughly estimated that this will save more than 3.5 billion seconds per day. That totals up to 11 hours saved each second.
  • New technologies have been added, rounding up to a number of 15,which contributed in making Google instant search more effective.
  • Google Instant Search is operating with domains in the US, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Italy.
  • It is compatible with browsers like Firefox v3, Chrome v5/6, and Internet Explorer v8.
  • It gives you the option to filter the available content. The facility of Safe Search to scrutinize the explicit content is very helpful for parents, who can monitor and limit what the children are searching.
  • Google Instant is not available on mobile so far, but it is planned to be released in coming fall 2012.

These are some benefits of Google instant search that address your searching needs. It saves you time, allows you to beware of the sites that may harm your computer or data, and also gives you the best related search results. It is safe for younger users, as with its new technology, certain keywords that are related to porn or other explicit material are not shown, if you modify the settings.

Therefore, Google instant is a good addition overall and is here to facilitate you in the long run.

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