Google Goggles – Tips on Using Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a fascinating application that can help optimise your business in search engines. It works by the picture that someone takes on a mobile phone. That picture initiates a variety of search results to then appear on your phone. So, if you take a picture of a piece of pizza, you might then get listings of pizza restaurants or pizza recipes, for example. This application is very easy to use because users don’t have to type or say the item or term they are searching for more information about. Once the application is downloaded, all you have to do is take the photo and the search results will appear momentarily.

The Google Goggles application is most effective when users take photos of specific, highly recognizable items, landmarks, books, CDs, DVDs, barcodes and other popular products. General items like your dog, your houseplant, clothes, and autos don’t generate the best search results yet. Future generations of the application may be able to address this. So, to optimise your website for search engines, anyone that you can encourage to use the Android 1.6 phone with the application, the better. If you have a blog, and you should to help your search rankings, you could announce to your subscribers that they should try using this new feature.

Another great feature of Google Goggles is its ability to search and offer you links to find people so you can call or email them. You can access this type of search by taking a photo of a business card. You can also add this contact info directly to your phone’s contact list. The application also does language translations of text and lets you compare prices of products when you put in a particular barcode. Now, when you’re in one store and you’re wondering what the store down the street might be offering as a deal, you can check without taking the time to drive there.

To use Google Goggles most effectively, make sure you have the right version of Android first. You may have a version of this application previously installed, so check for that as well. If you start getting messages that tell you your authentication failed, try clearing your data and launch the application again to search. This application can be a lot of fun and very useful once you get the hang of it. It’s also one more way for consumers to find your business quickly from their phone rather than going to a computer to do a direct internet search.

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