Features And Benefits of Website Hosting With MyExpressSite – A Professional Hosting Company

Do you want to create your own website? And, that too without all the know-how about programming and website development. MyExpressSite offers you a simple method for creating your website, whether for business or for other purpose, without any big investment of time or money.



Create your own Niche Website

MyExpressSite gives you a simple method to create your website – you select a template that matches with your niche and interest, and you add content to it. Your website is ready and up for running. And, MyExpressSite offers you domain integration services to make it simple for your pages to get connected with your domains. In addition, the company is continually developing new tools that are forwarded to you so that you can keep improving your website.

MyExpressSite Features

There are numerous features that benefit you when you use the services of MyExpressSite.

  • Minisite – MyExpressSite allows you to develop your customized minisites just by clicking a few buttons. you can create customized navigation, web pages and add the content on more than 20 varying templates. In addition, you can also create your own personalized template to suit more to your business or niche.
  • Webs Hosting Account – Once you sign-up, if you have an existing domain, the DNS can be pointed to the MyExpressSite servers or you can register for a new domain and also get a hosting account. And, your account itself gets integrated with a domain that you have linked with your account.
  • WordPress Integration – MyExpressSite gives you the opportunity create a comprehensive website, and blogs, photos and media to support the site. You get to select from hundreds of templates, and if you come across a great wordpress template, you can get it integrated too.

Number of MyExpressSite Templates

The number of templates that MyExpressSite has to offer you are staggering and impressive, which means that you are never going to fall short of a template to suit to your business niche.

  • Over 200 Sales Page Templates
  • Over 2,000 WordPress Templates

MyExpressSite Video Integration

There are not many web hosting companies that you will come across who offer unlimited videos on your site. But, MyExpressSite offers the freedom to add as many videos as you want. In addition, you can get your videos on your system, YouTube or other video networks to be integrated with your pages. It doesn’t matter whether you have a server or not.

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