Ethical Search Engine Optimisation – Practicing Ethical Search Engine Optimisation

Web marketers are always looking for better ways to optimise their websites so search engines can find them easily and place them high in rankings. The higher the ranking, the more likely a site is to pop up when a potential or returning customer wants to find information and purchase items or services. Google does fine website facilitators who try to unethically get high rankings. Ethical search engine optimization does not include paid text links for instance. If you are not doing the web maintenance and marketing for a site, there are some things you should keep in mind when seeking to hire such a person.

To practice ethical search engine optimisation, you should ask as many questions as you need to of your webmaster to be satisfied he or she is the type of person you want to do business with and have representing the integrity of your service, products, brand and overall reputation. Ask, for instance, how well your webmaster is versed in authorized SEO techniques and ask to see examples of successful work. Definitely find out how much experience your webmaster and marketer has in your industry as well as familiarity of the target locations and demographics for your services and products.

You should also agree to a communication schedule that works for you. You need to know in advance if your technician is hard to reach by phone or email, and if so, arrange an update schedule. Some other ways to monitor the ethical search engine optimisation of your website include being wary of spam emails you may get periodically. You do not want to be sending such spam nor do you want to receive spam that seeks to steal your identity or sell you illegal prescriptions, for example.

Make sure your technician can describe marketing techniques thoroughly to your satisfaction before they are employed. Another way to make sure you don’t look too good to be true and draw people to your sites unethically is by not using misleading language that suggests products and services are “Free,” or by throwing in information that has nothing really to do with your site and business. For proper and ethical search engine optimisation, you also want to be sure you are clear and comfortable with how financial transactions take place through your website. If you offer a money-back guarantee or free shipping, you need to honour those pledges.

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