Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is considered as one of the best tools for marketing any product or service; it is widely used by Internet marketers. This article aims to discuss the basics of email marketing.

Most people know what email marketing is and how it works. The common perception about email marketing is that “it is the marketing of products via email.” That is what people know about this system of marketing.

How to Promote Your Product Using Email Marketing?

If you want to promote or market your product or service, then you need to have some basic knowledge in your mind before starting it.

The first apparent thing that you must be taking care of in the start is to make a list of people you want to send the emails to for the purpose of marketing your product or service. This list is generally recognized as “the list for Email Marketing”. You need to read articles like “the money is in the list,” etc. These types of lists are usually the lists of people, who have granted to accept your emails.

Good to Remember

If you are going to send emails to people, who have not granted to receive emails from you, you are doing SPAM.

There is a law for spam email senders and that is CAN-SPAM Act, 2003, which says that: ‘if you are sending emails to a person who has not agreed to receive your email, it is illegal and this offense is punishable.’

Problems with New Email Marketers

New internet marketers, who have just started marketing, do not know how to do it properly and start sending marketing emails to every email address that comes their way. It is highly recommended to avoid this kind of spamming; it is an illegal action and may result in serious action being taken against you, so don’t destroy your reputation on the internet.

You can build a list of people, whom you want to send promotional emails to. You can also purchase these lists from internet. Many websites offers them on cheap rates. Purchasing the list is an easy way to start your work initially. It consumes less time and there is zero probability of getting non-serious people’s emails id which may not be good for your email marketing.


We can say in the end that the requirement of email marketing is to build a targeted list. If you own a website, then you can start to build your own lists. If you don’t own any website, then you can do marketing through e-mail lists or purchase certain email addresses from the websites you trust.

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