Conversion Is King!!!

conversionIsn’t it queer how two competing websites receive the same amount of traffic on their websites, but one’s sales and profits rise steadily, while the other remains stagnant?

Yes, quite surprising, but it is indeed the truth. Nowadays,it’s all about converting websites. Your website conversion rate is one of the most essential aspects of Internet business, once you start getting the initial traffic.

Increasing the rate of your website visitor is always a good thing, but if you can convert your website into something much better, it can have a dramatic effect on the future conversion results.

Here are the top ten tips that might come in handy to help you improve your conversion rates.

  1. Try using an eye catchy headline, one that appeals to the visitors and prompts them to make a purchase.
  2. Benefits sell! Try using bullet points on the benefits of your product. These days, more and more people are looking forward to solutions to their problems and are anxious to know, if you could help them.
  3. Get some authentic testimonials. It’s always a good sign to receive testimonials directly from your clients because it’s the best. Other options would be to ask experts to review your product and send in their testimonials.
  4. Many times, a professional banner reflecting your product can make your visitors feel at ease on your site.
  5. Try using other colors apart from black. For instance, red catches attention, green gives the thought of money, blue comforts the mind.
  6. Always remember to add sub headlines,in order to break your sales copy into pieces of information. This ensures that it is well organized and easier to read.
  7. Use the power words! Words like discover, exclusive, secrets, proven, quickly, easily, guaranteed, etc., are very simple little words,and can have a positive impact on your sales.
  8. Offer bonuses, discounts and freebies for a limited-time period.
  9. Attach a Post Scriptum(P.S) – This is used at the end of your sales letter to reiterate the product benefits and what your visitors are going to miss, if they don’t order today, and how it can change their lives. It’s a last effort for you to try to convince your visitors to buy, if they are still quite indecisive.
  10. If possible, try to add your photo and contact details on your website, as this helps in your website’s credibility and trust. Moreover, also provide a guarantee icon so your customers know that all the purchases are safe.

Thus, after observing the obvious, conversion is definitely the king and perhaps the crux of success in Internet Business. Hopefully, now you can go on and convert your own website, in order to attain better results. Good Luck!

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