There are very few businesses that don’t have a web or internet presence these days. Even if you don’t conduct business directly on the internet as far as selling your

The advent of iPhone is indisputably the greatest hype of the century. Apart from playing a major role in our personal lives, it has also completely revolutionized the way businesses

Conventional advertising lost its charm when online marketing came in the forefront. Now, many experts say that advertising your business in yellow pages is rather a worthless investment to make.

Online marketing is the most effective form of promotion ever. This is the prime reason why every business owner wants to get the maximum exposure and traffic on its website.

Google page ranks defined If your website can’t be found through search engines, then you’re not going to receive much traffic unless you try other methods. One great idea would

You may not be aware of the power that YouTube marketing can offer to any brand. The second largest search engine in the world and the second most visited website

Introduction Regardless of your business, creating a strong web presence is essential to its success.  Online brands that have become household names are successful for a number of reasons, and

In Part 1, we looked at identifying your key selling points, identifying your customers, and building a professional website and reputation. Once you have carried out the necessary research, you

In parts 1 and 2 we looked at incorporating the foundations of your brand into social media. Just as importantly, it is important to incorporate the foundations into search engine

While blogging and banner advertising is effective by itself in advertising your online business, it’s best that you find out other ways as well. Using social media websites to your