Building an Online Winning Brand – Part 3 SEO

In parts 1 and 2 we looked at incorporating the foundations of your brand into social media. Just as importantly, it is important to incorporate the foundations into search engine optimization or SEO as it is affectionately known.


Search engines work from keywords. For SEO to work effectively it is important to work out what words people will use to find a brand like yours. For example, if you are a retailer specializing in musical instruments, then search terms such as guitars, pianos, harmonicas, and musical instruments could well be relevant to your brand and used in a search engine search for your brand.  Keywords tell search engines what your site is about and if it is relevant to a user search.

Identify keywords and use your USPs to find them.


Backlinks is the term that describes another site linking to your site.  The more of these you have the better positioned your website will appear following a relevant search.  Article submission sites and press releases are often used to generate backlinks to a site. When using article submission sites, it is important the article written is relevant and incorporates keywords that have been identified to represent your brand, and they are written to professional standard. It is possible that another site will use this material and generate another link to your site.

Press releases should be used to promote your brand and report news such as product releases and other USPs. Where possible, use keywords within the press release.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the word or words contained in the link to your site. “Click here” is a famous example of anchor text. Ideally the anchor text should represent a keyword for your site. In our above example, pianos would make excellent anchor text as this is relevant to the brand.

Search engines take the term pianos and associate it with your site and more over, your brand. Remember anchor text and keywords can consist of a sentence, such as “Grand Piano Discounts” to make them more appealing and relevant.

Bringing it all Together

Using the blog posts that can be incorporated via it is possible to post a blog to multiple sites. If you can incorporate anchor text linking back to your site, every blog post will generate several links to your site.

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