Black Hat SEO – The Sure Path to Website Self Destruction

Black Hat SEOThe advancements in internet made online business for people extremely easy, yet challenging too. People did gain immense profits out of it as new possibilities made available for marketing and promoting businesses. However, the race to get traffic and higher search engine ratings for websites brought in many challenges.

The same thing also resulted in certain undesirable ways that are being carried out by many search engine optimizers. Known as Black Hat SEO, it involves the methods that are widely disapproved by search engines. Following, I discuss those 10 SEO techniques that Google and other search engines do not approve:

  1. Avoiding putting white text on a white background. To be on a safe side, also avoid using light yellow or cream colors. Remember, search engines do not like when internet users ditch with hiding texts.
  2. Google always know what your website offers, as it has an automated robot Google bot that tends to visit all pages and analyze the text all the time. Here, the Black Hat SEO perpetrators usually show one page to Google bot and a different web page to its original visitors.
  3. Most search engines want to keep your pages natural. When you try to push in all sorts of keywords, or use one whole paragraph with no content but only keywords, it sets a classic example of Black Hat SEO. So do not go for it because search engines detest it.
  4. Google also does not consider pages with huge lists of keywords.
  5. Doorway page is a page made particularly for increasing rankings on search engines. It does not have any original content of its own, but links back to real destination pages. This often results in disappearance of web pages from SEO’s indexes.
  6. One must be careful about getting links because if the search engine decides that an orphaned page is being used as a doorway page, this may result in a disadvantage for you.
  7. Spam is yet another popular and major technique among Black Hat SEO culprits. There are thousands of web pages created online just to grab top ranks on search engines. When the results appear, you may think the page is of your interest, but it only consists of a bunch of ads and subscriptions.
  8. Meta tags are also another no-no, which many website administrators use. These Meta tags do not correspond with the existing web pages that are shown on search engine results.
  9. Many methods are also used for removing the text from web pages with the help of CSS.
  10. JavaScript is also used in many ways for hiding the content. Black Hat SEO technique is used to ensure that the visitor may never view the available content, though the web page shows high rankings on search engines.

BlackHat SEOConsidering the above ways, it is essential to understand that Black Hat SEO methods only work in some instances. In the long run, they will affect your online working and will tarnish your online presence. However, Google has announced that once the website is caught involved in such wrong doings, it will be penalized and may result in permanent closure.

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