Black Hat And White Hat SEO – Practices of a Black Hat and White Hat SEO

Black Hat And White Hat SEO – Practices of a Black Hat and White Hat SEO

Most people who have done even a little website marketing are familiar with Google search engine rankings and the use of AdSense, as well as general optimization techniques to get the best results and sales from a website. There are some people who try to unethically use paid text links to buy their way to higher rankings although Google does fine those responsible when they are discovered. Those individuals are participating in what is known as black hat behaviour. If you are following acceptable ethical practices and guidelines in your web marketing, you are considered a white hat. Black and white hat SEO practices are a popular conversation among website marketers.

Black and white hat SEO practices do not forbid you to buy a site outright to utilize its links. So far, that is a more ethical and possibly better practice financially for technicians. Instead of asking someone to buy a link, you could ask to buy their site, even if it is more of a rental and for a limited term. If you are looking for experience or work in the internet SEO marketing arena, beware of someone who might ask to work long hours or do extensive amounts of work for free. Chances are, this is a black hat. Yes, you may be able to learn a lot of tips for growing a website network and being profitable, but it may not be in the best ethical manner.

Black And White Hat SEO practices are in frequent debate because people want to market their websites and be successful as possible and the guidelines as to what is ethical can sometimes be a grey area. Black hats will typically be highly aggressive marketers and practice such techniques as cloaking and redirecting browsers to websites and dummy pages with links browsers didn’t intend to visit or to help raise that website’s ranking. When marketers consistently use white hat techniques, or those methods approved of by Google, their chances of higher website rankings do increase.

Another thing that black hats do to unethically optimize their websites includes stuffing their meta tags with many keywords or descriptions. This usually hurts a website’s rating more than a black hat realizes. Search engines are geared to recognized such practices and lower site rankings accordingly. A white hat would stick with one or two of the best keywords or phrases to describe a site authentically, without overkill.

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