Birmingham SEO Company – Using Social Media to Increase Online Presence

Social networking is an important and useful way to boost your online presence and increase your search engine optimisation efforts, also known as SEO. Social media is a growing area on the Internet that has the ability to put you in touch with your current customer base and thousands of new potential customers. Social networking is free, so every business should take the time to incorporate these marketing tools into their business plan. TechiSphere – a Birmingham SEO company can help your company with SEO because it was named one of the top three cities in the UK to have a business.

There are a variety of different social networking tools to use in order to increase your online presence. The biggest and most popular is Facebook with over 500 million active users as of July 2012, including many businesses. Your organisation can create a fan page on Facebook to connect with your customers. This tool can be used to share information and news about your company, as well as special offers and other promotions. Facebook also has marketing options, including the ability to target your advertisements based on age, interests, location and other demographic areas. Two more options for online marketing include the use of MySpace and LinkedIn. Both have high SEO rankings, which can help increase your online presence. If you are interested in using these tools, consider hiring a Birmingham SEO company to help set up your online accounts.

Twitter is another popular method for online social media. This is a microblogging service that will allow your business to communicate with followers in 140 characters or less. This process is called tweeting. Each tweet that your business sends to followers can help boost website traffic and SEO while improving your online presence. Twitter can be used to share fun facts about your company or advertise special discounts. There are other similar services that can be used and TechiSphere – a Birmingham SEO company can provide more information about each one.

Finally, sign your business up for an account on Squidoo, which many people consider to be the best social media tool for increasing your SEO. Squidoo allows users to create pages, also called lenses, based on their interests. HubPages and Knol are two similar types of social media tools. Whether you choose to explore these options or consider alternative methods of social media marketing, a Birmingham SEO company can provide additional information and assistance in your online advertising efforts.

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