Best Tips For Building A Business On EBay


eBay is the largest online marketplace where millions of sellers and buyers come together to deal in innumerable products. You can tap the potential of this huge marketplace by setting up your own business on eBay. There are two ways you can reap huge benefits through your business on eBay.

  • Sell your existing products in an eBay Shop
  • Purchase new products at wholesale prices and sell them for profit on the auction site


The Basics:

  • Build your Feedback Rating – If you want to build a successful business on eBay, keep a close eye on your products that sell best during the season. Also make sure that your feedback ratings remain high. This can be assured by providing correct and quality descriptions, and also by shipping the products as fast as possible.

Before you sell anything make sure that you have made at least a number of purchases. Minimum 10 purchases is the ideal figure. This will help you to develop your feedback rating, which will eventually draw customers towards you.

  • Captivating Headlines – The headlines can do magic to the success of your eBay business. Headlines should be captivating, so that your prospective customers come in to your shop to check the products that you are selling.
  • Shipping Costs – Another way to make a profitable business on eBay is to attract customers who require low shipping rates. There are more ways to bring down your shipping rates:
    • Reuse the old packaging material and boxes
    • Use lightweight materials so as to keep the weight as low as possible
  • Product Photographs – The photographs of your products should be professional. Professional photographs make a better impression on your prospective customers:
    • The photographs should be captured in a room with good lighting
    • Don’t use the flash on the camera
    • The background should be clear
    • Take several pictures from various angles so as to have the best photographs
    • Professional Touch – Use a professional approach to communicate with your customers. If any problems arise, make sure that they are resolved quickly and in a better way so to maintain your feedback ratings at a respectable level. You don’t want to find poor feedbacks because they will send your buyers away, and also reduce the placing of your products in search results.
    • Get eBay Research Account – A marketplace research account gives you insight into:
      • The average selling prices of products
      • The top performing keywords
      • Tracking supply and demand
      • Receiving recommendations for the best listing layout for your products


Following these tips, you can create a successful and profit-making business on eBay in a short period of time.

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