4 Best Strategies to Gain Website Visitors And Keep Them Engaged


If may appear to be difficult in the beginning, but with some strategies and methods you can seriously engage your website visitors and keep them coming back time and time again. Here are some tips to make this happen and see your online sales and brand recognition rocket.

  • Tip No. 1: Track your visitors.

This can be achieved by using programs like Google Analytics in order to know the number of unique and returning visitors. It would be helpful to set yourself some goals for a specific period of time, say for the next month or quarter. It is only after you have the statistics for your site traffic that will you be able to monitor the results of the strategies that you are using.

  • Tip No. 2: Present the visitors with the exact thing that they came seeking for.

The quicker that a visitor is sent to the correct page for the product or service that they are looking for, the better chance that you have of keeping them on your website and making a purchase.

  • Tip No. 3: Make use of appropriate images on your website.
    Most of the visitors who seek your products and services find it better to see the objects of their interest through photos. No doubt that the content has to be rich, but it should be suitably supplemented with high-class photos that can easily illustrate the things that your visitors seek. However, make sure that you don’t flood your site with photos, as it would take longer to load pages and be frustrating for your website visitors. Good, factual information should be backed with the right photographs.
  • Tip No. 4: Use high-quality and legitimate SEO techniques.
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps in getting your website “out there” and visible to your prospective customers who are searching for your products or services on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Avoid using “black hat” tricks to get your site listed everywhere because you don’t want visitors to land on your site and then hit the back button when the find that they have landed on the wrong site. Also, Google penalize these type of tactics and can blacklist websites. Use legitimate SEO tactics to drive targeted traffic to your site.

In addition to these tips and strategies you can also use many other unique methods like taking benefit of the social media sites and rewarding your customers with offers. While it is good to make them create new profiles on your website, but it can be better and easier for them if they can use their existing profiles such as of Facebook and Google to sign-up.

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