3 Strategies To Track and Improve Traffic to Conversion Percentage

The more clicks on your website, the more revenue you are going to earn. The key to increasing traffic is to improve your site’s visibility on search engines. It will give you a way to connect with prospective customers who are seeking your products or services, and create a reputation for your brand. It is only by harnessing the power of targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing methods that you can expect to increase your website income. Your focus should be to draw traffic that is targeted and of high value. When you are able to offer value to your website visitors, you are able to enhance conversions and increase your sales.

  1. Finding the Right Traffic Source

Wouldn’t you give up some of your traffic if it meant gaining more conversions? This is possible only if you have high-quality web traffic coming to your site. It is necessary that you find out the sources from where you receive targeted and quality traffic that you need to develop and at the same time you need to know the sources that don’t accomplish this task and they need to be tailed back.

  1. Value of Conversion Goal

Setup goals in the Google Analytics and track all of your traffic against your goal. This is the beginning step to start converting your traffic. Using the “Visits with Conversions” feature in the Google Analytics “Advanced Segments” would let you know that a high amount of low-quality traffic cannot offer you as many conversions as high-quality traffic of even small size can offer.

  1. Setting up Goals

Basically, the goals set by you are in fact the actions that you want your visitors to achieve. The set of goals can be:

  1. Subscribing to your mailing list
  2. Subscribing to RSS feeds
  3. Buying products
  4. Registering for special offers

When using social media in order to generate traffic to your site, use the Dashboard > Traffic Sources > Referring Sites path on your Google Analytics with the “Visits with Conversions” box checked. This will give you the name and stats of the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that generate traffic, conversion and conversion % to your site.

This is one of the best ways to find the SEO campaigns that are helping to drive traffic on your website and converting them once the visitors are on your site.

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