10 Most Important Website Usability Principles From TechiSphere – A UK Website Design Company

If a website is usable it means that it fulfills its purpose. This means that such a website is easy to use. However, there are websites that are difficult to use. For instance, a website designed for artistic display may not be usable from all point of views.

Here are 10 essential website usability principles from TechiSphere – A UK Website Design Company in Birmingham.

Motivate : Your website should be designed to fulfill the specific needs and objectives of specific users. Make use of motivators so as to attract different types of users to different sections of your site.

Task Flow : Identify your users and their online environment and tasks. If you want your website to be usable make sure that the page flow matches with the workflow.

Buttons : The controls need to be easily comprehensible. There should be no difficulty in understanding buttons, banners and emblems.

Architecture : Make sure that you have a well-organized navigational structure. It is to be noted that if your visitors are unable to find the sought information in 3 clicks, they are going to leave your site.

Replicate : There is no need to invent the wheel again. You can utilize templates that have been ergonomically designed for the most general 8 to 10 pages.

Beware of technology restrictions : Recognize and optimize according to user hardware and target browsers. Check JavaScript and HTML for compatibility.

Usability test : Test the early design with the initial prototypes. There is no need to wait for the final design for testing.

Multimedia : Appealing animation can attract attention to particular information, but it doesn’t go beyond that. Avoid excessive movement on the site as it will distract and cause disturbance in reading and comprehending.

Beware of visitor tolerance : Visitors to your site are impatient. Download should be designed for a maximum of not more than 10 seconds. Header graphics can be reused so as to allow them to load using cache and keep scrolling to a limit.

Utilize stats package : Keep a track over the traffic on your website. Find out the pages that attract more interest from users. Also find out the pages that trigger the users to leave your site, and make adjustments accordingly.


Using these website usability principles from an experienced UK Website Design Company, you can make your websites more usable and efficient.

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