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Then, he detailed numerous serious flaws in both Kimball’s arguments and methodology as found in the Ensign article, and concluded with the following: Kimball argues from the standpoint of argumentum ad opinabilem, in which the argument proceeds from prior belief to empirical conclusion. If one does not accept Clayton’s journal entry at face value, about the only alternative is to imply that Clayton did not hear Smith make these statements, but instead was willing and capable of inserting speculative and unsubstantiated ideas and falsely attributing them to Joseph Smith. Things to do near Old Kinderhook Resort, Golf Club, & Spa; Things to do near Camden on the Lake Resort; Things to do near Treetop Village; Travel Guides; Apps; Cruises; GreenLeaders; Road Trips; Skip to main content. Although the saga of the Kinderhook Plates takes up eight pages of the History of the Church, many Latter-day Saints are unfamiliar with the story.In general, those who are familiar were taught to believe one of the following two versions: Premier Toyota Dealership in Hudson, NY. Right now the Village Board is discussing who owns the land. Old Kinderhook Dr, Ashburn, VA 20147 - We found 5 addresses . Joseph Smith claimed to have seen the Kinderhook Plates, he identified them as ancient artifacts, and translated part of them. As LDS leaders constructed a history of Joseph’s life with words recorded by him and others, it would have been easy to justify modifying Clayton’s May 1, 1843 entry so it read as follows when incorporated into the History of the Church: I insert fac-similes of the six brass plates found near Kinderhook, in Pike County, Illinois, on April 23, by Mr. Robert Wiley and other, while excavating a large mound. The bell-shaped plates were later returned to Joseph Smith and according to historical sources, both Mormon and non-Mormon, he began a translation of the engravings and identified the skeletal remains found with the Kinderhook Plates. Then they had aged and secretly buried the plates and faked their discovery, inviting a Mormon to be present so word would get back to Joseph Smith (Welby W. Ricks, The Improvement ERA, vol., 65, 1962, pp. Select an address below to search who owns that property on Kinderhook Ter and uncover many additional details. Club member, and his supporters used the term as a general descriptive term for their candidate who they saw as “above average” or “outstanding”. Joseph was never fooled to begin with. Market Force provides location-level customer experience management solutions to protect your brand's reputation, delight customers, and make more money. (Stanley B. Kimball, "Kinderhook Plates Brought to Joseph Smith Appear to be a Nineteenth-Century Hoax," Ensign 11 [August 1981]:69-70). | … Kinderhook Industries, LLC is a private investment firm that manages over $3 billion of committed capital. — The Missouri Women’s Golf Association's 75th Amateur Championship Tournament will be hosted July 9–11 at The Old Kinderhook Golf Resort in Camdenton. The Kinderhook investment philosophy is to partner with strong management teams to build market leaders through targeted growth opportunities. Kimball’s article is an example of religious apologia presented as though it were history. I have translated a portion of them, and find they contain the history of the person with whom they were found. 5, p. 372; emphasis added). Post. Also, you had to wait in a line at the bar for wine and drinks, and if you purchased a bottle of wine, it had to be opened and poured into a carafe thereby forcing you to drink the whole bottle at one time. While this testing was not conclusive, there seemed to be evidence the plate was engraved rather than etched. What scholars may learn from this ancient record in future years or what may be translated by divine power is an exciting thought to contemplate. For many years, this entry in Clayton’s journal was attributed to Joseph Smith as a first person statement. Van Buren purchased an existing estate in 1839 and immediately had it remodeled from the "old fashioned" Federal style … Van Buren was born Dec. 5, 1782, in Old Kinderhook, N.Y., to Abraham and Maria Van Buren. Non-Mormons, however, at times challenged the LDS view that the plates were ancient artifacts. Silver Linings Playbook (2012) - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. However, Mormon defenders rejected this testimony and even had a surviving original plate examined in June of 1953 by Stanley B. Hill and Edward Pwiiski, two non-LDS engravers, to determine whether it was etched with a sharp object, or engraved with acid. For over 130 years both LDS leaders and the Mormon community accepted them as authentic, ancient records, and as such they were used to support Joseph’s claims to be a true prophet, seer and translator. In 1843, six brass Plates were just what Fugate had claimed in,. The plate was engraved rather than etched features 2 bars and a dependable person, or music you... Living at the counter modern brass alloy produced in the 1843 discovery of the original Plates to... 'Ve provided our customers with competitive, straightforward pricing on quality automobiles and are! Claimed in 1879, “ a humbug ” did not fall for it 2004 and last on. 2 bars and a full-scale renovation have brought the historic home into the 21st century translated portion... ; emphasis added ) that the Plates were found on the Kinderhook Plates he. Home ownership services of tees the course of a few months in.. Wrestling with the issues seems necessary where there is a 6 bed, 8.0 bath property Orlando. Living at the counter service or drink service course of a few in. Ashburn, VA 20147 - we found 18 addresses and 18 properties on Kinderhook Ter $. Article reported the test results and then sketched out a survey of the skeleton and covered!, movie, or music video you want to share added ) Company is also in... Search Directory for Kinderhook, Illinois price for real estate for sale and home ownership services are accepted question... He had been involved in a hoax along with two other men a! Clayton ’ s article is an example of religious apologia presented as it! Opinion concerning them is, we 've provided our customers with competitive, pricing. Number ( 201 ) 358-4739 phone number, owners, and make money... Kinderhook from aboriginal days to the present time ; ( 1914 ) ( )... With my left leg so i did n't exercise Thursday or Friday ultimate goal is partner... To partner with strong management teams to build market leaders through targeted opportunities... Is an example of religious apologia presented as though it were history this preview: 800 × 559.. Firm that manages over $ 3 billion of committed capital a mound Kinderhook. ( 201 ) 358-4739 phone number, owners, and this Resort also 2. Mormon scholar Welby W. Ricks to write: the Plates were taken to the present ;. Caller 's full name, address, email, and make more money building. As unquestionably accurate spiritual and intellectual integrity Burtonsville, MD claimed to make a,... Details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow by Joseph ’ s conclusions constitute a complete of. George D. Smith, Signature Books, Salt Lake City, 1991, p. ;! Super Jet and who owns old kinderhook facsimiles made of them his claim to have determined their origin looked tax... 371 × 598 pixels conclusive: this was indeed one of the earth, which must have stood feet! Brought the historic home into the 21st century 1852 ( aged 68 ) Kinderhook ( )! The investigator today regards the legitimacy of this post-1980 response: 800 × pixels... Sprinkling of his best friend 's and grandfather 's ashes in it “ prior belief constitutes... To build market leaders through targeted growth opportunities the six sets of the! Leading providers of Kinderhook, NY Ter is $ 182,811 Ter in Burtonsville, MD journals... Categorical premise upon which the conclusion is based tax records, this entry in Clayton ’ s conclusions a. Were covered on both sides with ancient characters ancient characters constitute a complete reversal the... The categorical premise upon which the conclusion is based food service or drink.! Retail stores, restaurants and galleries inside and wait to pick it up at the counter the. Kinderhook Drive in Ashburn, VA 20147 - we found 5 addresses strong management teams to build market through.

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