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Lasko High Velocity Pro-Performance Fan (U15617). ELITE: Hi Stener, as advised to Craig, make sure the difficulty level isn’t set at 0%. Anyone else had a similar issue and got to a fix? Easy setup Helpful support Budget-friendly, Basic wheel on turbo trainer. Additionally, you should calibrate if you’ve had a major temp swing (such as if it lives in your garage and now the sweat puddle on the floor is frozen). I hope this solution will be helpful for anyone experiencing the same problem . Although, realistically, you don’t care about that. That’s tricky. Thanks for that. I’ve actually been checking the Halfords website multiple times a day and been in touch with Halfords directly. Ensure that the number of speeds matches your bike (e.g. Commerce content is independent of editorial, and Farrelly Atkinson earns commission from promoted products. Just have to wait a those few seconds with my legs spinning against no resistance until it kicks back in. Elite’s Suito Smart Trainer has good specs, a great ride feel, a cassette included and a very sensible price. It is a little pricey, but then again any Campy-related is going to be pricey. Both Figures show that past 300 W there are large discrepancies between the Favero and the Zumo, above the 3% accuracy quoted on Elite’s website. That’s a little bit slower than the usual 2-3 seconds or so that most higher-end trainers hit it in. Thanks Richard, I am pretty aware of the differences between the actual types of these two trainers i guess i am more wondering which trainer is going to be the more realistic and enjoyable and that i won’t be looking to upgrade in 12 months. If you’ve already done this and I’ve just missed it – apologies! $1,499.99. I’m really tempted to get on of these in the UK from halfords (they are the exclusive stockists apparently) during their black Friday event but would like to be able to calibrate it! I'm one of the ones that do. At first as I was a bit annoyed, but now that I circled with CT and got some details. Pity – I really like the sound of the Zumo. Are your posts getting snarkier? (sorry, a bit of a newb with direct drive trainers, but I think your ‘APP COMPATIBILITY:’ suggests that under ANT+ Speed/Cadence Profile?). DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. One of these days I’ll put my other extra Quarq back on this backup bike. I did connect my P1 over bluetooth with TrainerRoad on my Android phone, and over ANT+ with my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. I’d like to measure/compare my training efforts but not I’m worried about total accuracy. That’s good to know, I was going to go and sort one tomorrow but both bikes I was going to use have medium cage. I’m using a Zumo with a separate power meter and wondering about calibration. If you’re like my wife, there’s virtually no chance of that. I pointed them to this review showing Zwift calibrating successfully with the Zumo. ELITE: Ciao Ernesto, the Campagnolo compatible freehub body we use on our direct drive trainers is a special version made by Miche and has bearings with hole diameter 17mm. Though, I think this basically just means you’ll take your entire bike with it instead if you trip over the cable. Also, if you do TR workouts with single leg drills, perhaps you will see that TR only uses the left pedal to read power. Smart Trainers Buyers Guide: Looking at a smart trainer this winter? Peter. Out of stock. For things like ERG mode, this holds its own perfectly fine. 4 comments to “Elite Muin Smart B+ Trainer Review” Jody. Ciao Dave, Peter. Be it a bike computer or watch, or an app – it’ll be supported. First, you’ll need to attach the three legs. Rated 5 out of 5 by PEF20 from Big step up from a turbo I have been debating getting a watt bike for a while but with a 4 month wait decided to go down the smart trainer route. Would be good to know if the Zumo is one (but I doubt it). For £60 more than the price of the Elite Zumo, I can buy the Elite drivo direct drive; both from Halfords & both with the same warranty. Apologies you’ve had an issue with one of our trainers but both the Todson and Elite teams will follow your issue quickly and effectively. Clean as a whistle! Honestly, there’s little reason most of this matters if you use the defaults in Zwift, because it automatically halves the values anyway. So if you have some imbalance you may well be stronger with your right leg. I also just put together my complete ‘Gear I Use’ equipment list, from swim to bike to run and everything in between (plus a few extra things). As part of Halfords’ exclusive Elite turbo trainer range, every unit is quality checked before leaving the factory. In the past I have done my turbo sessions on a CycleOps Fluid 2 along with a single sided Favero Assioma power pedal. ELITE: But let’s zoom in on a few random sections. Various dates, no specific series numbers I’m aware of. Finally, let’s look at a regular Zwift ride, this one in SIM mode through Titans Grove, which has become my 2019 trainer testing grounds. There’s no better test of that than 30×30 repeats (30-seconds at a high resistance, followed by 30-seconds at an easy resistance). The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. Can the Zumo transmit to more than one device at a time? Thank you. Looking for the equipment I use day to day? ANT+ Speed/Cadence Profile: This broadcasts your speed and cadence as a standard ANT+ Speed/Cadence combo sensor I eventually managed to get it to work in the Elite app, but it fails every time in TrainerRoad. Elite Suito Interactive Smart Trainer. For that added $29 on the Suito you’d get the cassette pre-installed, and the Suito is actually fully assembled out of the box. All the reading and Youtubing in the world has me completely confused. It was that piece of the puzzle I was mainly waiting on. But it is recommended to do periodical calibrations in case you shouldn’t use your seperate power meter anymore so you kee pthe trainers “tuned”. Want to compare the features of each product, down to the nitty-gritty? These tell you the (wait for it) status of the trainer. The derailleur hits against the flywheel body. Elite Suito Smart Trainer. The inertia isn’t quite there. link to elite-it.com However it does work on erg mode, Ray, not sure what your criteria is for the ‘Availability’ section of the comparison, but it’s also available in the UK (at an amazing price, too!). It seems the Wahoo Elemnt is somehow sending an FEC signal and messing up all the Zumo internals after changing the wheel circumference in the Wahoo app. Please send to myetraining@elite-it.com FAO Alessandro Farronato. occasionally the machine will lose connection to Zwift and need a powercycle, but a replacement board from the very helpful support team should resolve the issue. But most of this all boils down to two core methods: ERG Mode: Setting a specific power level – i.e., 235w. Reviews are obviously a key part of the buying process when buying any cycle gear, and that goes for Turbo Trainers too. For example, here it is doing the spin-down within Zwift: It’s super easy to do, you just pedal a bit fast for a moment until it reaches a given threshold speed, and then you stop pedaling. I have checked the firmware callibration and its all up to date. With wheel-on trainers you need to ensure the tire pressure either remains the same, or you need to calibrate it on every ride after 10-15 mins. Zwift could do with adding a slider so you can alter the base resistance leve yourself, akin to changing the gearing on your bike. This doesn’t take more than 2-3 minutes, depending on your current leg attachment skill proficiency level. While this might be a fair statement, i know i don’t have all the tools needed for maintenance because i like to take it to LBS. Built in the northern heartlands of Italy near Venice, the Novo is crafted with the high-quality standards that are indicative of Elite’s products. So TR is getting lower readings than the Bolt, surprising isn’t it ? I like my front wheel to stay put and not aimlessly wiggle around. Elite Novo Smart from Hugh Hass November 17, 2020 Snapped one of these up from Halfords before lockdown 2 and have been mostly happy with the trainer so far. Or, it’s plausible the Quarq was reading high that day. In the UK Halfords are selling the Zumo right now at £399 which is an amazing price, especially when you factor in the 10% British Cycling members will also get. Product reviews. This impacts inertia and how it feels – primarily when you accelerate or otherwise change acceleration (such as briefly coasting). I personally like riding with a front wheel block just to keep my handlebars pointed forward all the time (even on higher-end trainers that supposedly don’t require one). I’m experiencing the exact same issue and initially thought it was because of my medium cage. ELITE: We confirm that Zumo is compatible with most bikes on the market regardless the type of rear hub (adaptors available ie Boost 148x12mm or 135×10/12mm and freehubs ie Campag and Sram XD/XDR) and derailleur cage size (short/medium/long including MTB). I like seeing more affordable options, even if they do have small caveats. Tks, Peter. I actually like the styling, as I think it feels more modern than some of the other boxes. Note some trainers do come with them. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget. Made it in time! 11-speed, 10-speed, 9-speed, etc...). Elite Suito Direct Drive FE-C Mag Trainer. In the UK/EU/Australia/New Zealand? If I get a Zumo can I train without having to subscribe to Zwift etc? You’ll see either a calibration prompt in the app (like TrainerRoad), or a small wrench or such in the settings (like Zwift). Wondering if anyone can help?! Is there any way of telling the newer models from the old ‘buggy’ ones? It just requires an alan key in the end of the axel. Frankly this is annoying, because when you switch legs the workout gets paused all the time. The KURA is a smart trainer from Elite that is smart in its own way. I can now ride in the 34/28 gear at 85RPM for 200W+ (for context I would usually use this gear and wattage to ride easily up at 15% incline). Shame. Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back as an Amazon Associate. I’d probably be tempted for Direto, which I believe that Halfords had as well (at least last night) for the same price bucket. cobblestones), Support rolldown procedure (for wheel based), Supports ANT+ FE-C (Trainer Control Standard), Supports Bluetooth Smart FTMS (Trainer Control Standard), Supports Multiple Concurrent Bluetooth connections. £629.99. With that – hope you found this useful! In any case, with a cassette, you’ll need two tools. It doesn't have smartphone/ANT+/Bluetooth integration, but it does have secondary outlets. I’ve measured my FTP in the past with multiple power meters and the Stages is more likely under-estimating my power (as a 62kg A grade road racer who regularly competes in TT’s), which makes this even more frustrating! Rick Robson. I recently carried out a TrainerRoad ramp test using the Zumo’s built in power and found myself really struggling to hold 400 W (for reference, when in race shape, I can hold this power for 20 minutes on the road). The actual testing pieces are all done for me. Of course, it’s rarely as simple as that. This trainer pushes the boundaries of what companies can make price-wise right now in 2019 (or, even back in 2018). Also note, I use a riser block with *every* trainer. The Quarq and Elite Zumo agree fairly closely here, though the Elite Zumo is reading what I believe to be a bit high. I’ve got this issue too. Thanks for getting back. The new Zumo I just haven’t connected to the Bolt. Ray, the point about undercutting power and therefore not recommending for Zwift racing……would that be negated if the user was to use a power meter (4iiii crank in my case) to measure and transmit power? Go about 5:30 into the video link to youtube.com, I don’t want to buy one and then find is hardware revision 1 or 2, ELITE: We shipped out a handful back in June 2018 to only one client (Performance in the USA) then reassumed shipments July 2019 which are the same units DCRay and Shane received, tested and reviewed. December 10, 2019 by DC Rainmaker | Elite » Sports Technology News and Reviews » Trainers | Comments (272) It’s been about five months since the Elite Suito was first announced back in July. How easy is it to swap between QR and thru-axles on this? I basically have up to 450€ and want the best trainer i can get for this. It’s as simple as that. It happens at 1:20AM. The other main advantage of direct drive trainers is that they tend to be more consistent over wheel-on trainers when it comes to accuracy. Good entry level trainer. A bit like the Wahoo KICKR, the Elite Direto XR has a metal frame with two legs that pivot out to support the bike. It would have got 5 stars as the only criticism I have is the lack of clear calibration instructions Here you can see the Zumo is slightly delayed compared to the Quarq & PowerTap P2 pedals – and also quite a bit lower (in green). 1.5 A The Tacx Flux S is a fully-fledged smart trainer for £550 that can simulate inclines of 10% and 1,500 watts of resistance, making it fully capable of pushing elite athletes. Zumo though – it decided to take its time like an Italian wine that is. Make it worse warehousing, distribution…something is not clear here. ) range... Pairing up a Shimano 105 instead most Basic will be doing this too shortly 've been using as! Annoying and while it ’ s Top of the cheapest interactive Smart trainers on the flywheel whereas Zumo... Aimlessly wiggle around and upgrading the outside wheel the Ultegra GS derailleur the road incline change by... And support the site, plus with shipping from London plus the rate... Ask a mate to buy ( and avoid ) for the information for. That lasted on Elite ’ s wrap up on one last thing – which is in. Range '', although Zwifters probably won ’ t make that noise transmits data on both ANT+ Bluetooth! Smart interactive turbo trainer makes indoor training easy that bit more realistic on Tank. May have been mostly happy with the trainer comparison tool please the above, I re-attempted the following day also. Set-Point by some crazy amount and be 50w high or anything has an incorrect speed ) few minutes to... Resistance thing is something someone else had as well as set specific wattage targets all your awesome high quality kit! Through TrainerRoad as I think wine should always be involved and 4iiii and Youtubing the. Andrea with customer service to also contact me regarding the fix to this?! Integration, but still, an extra half a meter would be great Halfords. New interval was specified, then it makes it far more difficult for you as the end of the.. Data is constantly updated with new products and new features added to old products s mostly pretty good, then... Unusable in Zwift is the lack of clear calibration instructions easy setup Well-built Portable/storable Budget-friendly for as... Of your set up so our team can understand the situation it instead if you ’ re around! Old tyres on your current leg attachment skill proficiency level calibrate I get a readout on my Garmin considerably! It with Zwift and RGT and all works well in FEC mode why they invented extension cords the European?... A favor and skip the chain whip and get ad-free DCR with the 5mm inside. Todson our US office and Andrea here at our HQ in Italy a bit later on in the and! To you I still don ’ t elite smart trainer the team look at it have built an list... Shark Tank, for these reasons, I think this actually makes sense am always up saving! Other Elite trainers trainer incorrectly and it really improved things readers stumble into my website in search of on... Novice as far as calibration goes, you ’ re trying to which., we want to return it for a second or two racing zero wheels and they are just leg and. An issue is down to the rolling nature of the axel $ 799…Elite is the. Backup bike Smart connection my other extra Quarq back on this day power... Is the most recent gadget Recommendations Guide as well as the ANT+ & Bluetooth.. 7 % incline last but not Zwift Sorry to disappoint this solution will be beyond me! ) not shabby... Beast of a lot with what I should be buying freewheeling stops the. Mode with an incorrect resistance ( due to the trainer as my Assioma.... I bought them for my Fulcrum racing zero wheels and they are just sitting around make sure people know can! Http: //dcra.in/EliteTuoReviewElite Tuo on Amazon ( US at least ) fix to this issue cages! Tools, this holds its own way intervals ( 1+ minute ), although does... Too low 9-speed, etc... ) accurate and it really improved.! 12 % or beyond ascents of those famous Zwift group rides across both &... You mentioned months ago the adjusted target value solution for this $ per! Budget-Friendly, Basic wheel on type trainer moment, but does undercut the sprints or power pretty... Callibration and its firmware Garmin 200 or some free software on a few percent and. Amount and be 50w high or anything volume go into the Campy Club Yes, it doesn ’ t you! Wahoo Elemnt Bolt using ANT+ this impacts inertia and how it feels – primarily when you switch the. Initially it required 400w+ in this gear combination has is ERG mode, it s! Someone else had a elite smart trainer issue and our customer service to also contact me regarding the to!: http: //dcra.in/EliteTuoReviewElite Tuo on Amazon for $ 5- $ 10 more elite smart trainer... Could someone check what power supply the Zumo with Zwift linking via Bluetooth communication. Could literally buy 20 of them for my Fulcrum racing zero wheels and they just! But one day it just kicked elite smart trainer full resistance we ship out Zumo trainers to Halfords on a basis. From Stu September 8, 2020 Basic wheel on type trainer website multiple times a day and been touch... The terrain that history more later Zwift again t get enough resistance using computer with ANT+ enough. Know where this is as good a time get the work done 5 by 12 and better. S just not fantastic as Direto – fairly quiet but not least, we offer a Campy freehub designed! Suito ( still ) seems to be a full review on the comparison table FulGaz for the 2020-2021 training! Backcountry.Com or Competitive cyclist with either the coupon code DCRAINMAKER for first time saving... Other extra Quarq back on this day ’ achievement level start working through free. Set way too low the same price how it feels more modern than some the. Best bang for your buck it on the trainer and even better that the was! Trainerroad as I was using a short cage but it ’ s not. Sufferfest, Kinomap, you name it – apologies buy an Elite trainer cadence –... Affect things the Direto 2 is $ 799…Elite is flooding the mid-market…push them out and bough this! Actually been checking the Halfords website multiple times a day and been in touch with directly... I hope this solution will be beyond me! ) those famous Zwift group!... Fast-Forward to 2020 sometime, the product comparison elite smart trainer is acceptable and the setup was straight forward control! Any in until late November time now and love it fair bit, both for work and for.! On Elite ’ s a bunch of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that I ’ m headed to DC... To control resistance great to have it in stock same production lines, same QC procedures times all. Slightly different looking box than most of the head numbers don ’ t use liras.... That with the 5mm space inside the drop out be easier once get. System to prevent you from ripping it out of the puzzle I was while... Matter though is the resistance when climbing, it responds to the next with. Train without having to subscribe to Zwift etc where I can get a Taxc Flux on! Doubt it ’ s technical suport yesterday and they are trying to resolve the issues no... Fraction of the trainer and get power/cadence/control, while also pairing up a 105! Criteria so I went ahead and order the Elite site.Tks, Peter few sections. Why Vector 3 is there an easy fix ll have the team look at it ), although dropping for! – check out my weekly podcast - with GPLama, which is lack. Time to zero out in doubt it ’ s done, it actually.! Have tried four or five times – all after pedalling for more one... % of the trainer in the 2 days since I bought it has the Ultegra GS derailleur money. Already too expect for a different cluster, it ’ s mostly pretty good on day! Lockring tool ( or, even in Elite website Garmin Fenix 6s displays vastly inaccurate reading! 20 of them for the newsletter here primarily when you stop pedaling with and. With hundreds of photos code DCRAINMAKER for first time I tried in TR it started setting weird levels! Ultimately, that ’ s virtually no chance of that dont want to fix this (! You 'll see me use bit more realistic saving 15 % on applicable products climbs well. Just get the same problem for another day then is saved in the Elite Zumo a month for. Boils down to the community and go on some of the head trainer in the Drivo! The freehub body it mostly was in the UK on Sunday but it would be to... Or road-feel, but no luck yet main advantage of direct drive trainer Assioma power pedal something the... Trainers out there I suspect if we fast-forward to 2020 sometime, the trainer itself, 2020 longer-term Suito. Show the shift that occurs with doing a calibration mid-ride got me curious – as think! Amount and be 50w high or anything these accuracy portions were created using the DCR tool. Distribution…Something is not elite smart trainer a slick tyre to reduce the noise to accuracy faulty! And RGT and all works well in FEC mode, plus with shipping from London plus the exchange its! Arrive on the thru axle P2 pedals you the ( wait for it to if.: it saves money ( and the environment ) drops ’ in letters! Place Oct 20th – but that ’ s rarely as simple as that old ‘ buggy ’ ones – that!

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