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Then, try to sit on other General' horse you will also get that effect. For example, Lu Xun's second costume in Dynasty Warriors 3 was blue but in Dynasty Warriors 4 the sixth costume is pink. A crate should be there, near a fence. Then in Act 2, clear both stages. The Peacock Urn, the Tiger Amulet, and Tortoise Amulet may also help, as well as any kind of Jade Orb. Kill Xiahou Yuan, then go into the castle and get ambushed again. Double Experience. There may still be ambush troops you did not encounter. You get Sol Chakram. Lay it near one of your elephant units and the rider will fall off. Defeat Yu Mi and Zhang Ying before they retreat. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires for PlayStation 4 (PS4). This is not required, but it helps. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Also, duel and defeat Zhu Rong. Keep your distance and try to use your Charge Bow to knock him out (hold R1, then press Triangle). This trick will take quite a long time, but is worth it. First, approach Pang Tong to see through his trick, then defeat Zhuge Liang to stop the wind prayer. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Dynasty Warriors 4 on X-BOX platform. Defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei, then complete the level. Also, try this scene with Dian Wei; no one saves him, however instead of just looking darkly at the camera like everyone else, he stands up after smashing the rock torpedo and runs his hand over his head. You can submit a problem report for any non-working or fake code in the lists above. Now we have 5 cheats in our list, which includes 5 secrets. To help you get these Orbs easier, equip the Seven Star Luck. When a duel begins, take out your bow and shoot. Finish the level. However, go over to the east side of the map, through the gate. There will be a cloud ladder vehicle approaching from the north. Liu Xun orders an attack on the ally food supply fort and starts moving towards it. Character - Lu Xun. Destroy them, including the Sub-General in the group. At the Battle Of Xia Pi level, while on Lu Bu's forces, do not kill any enemy officers. At the Xiahou Dun appearance, defeat Xiahou Dun, defeat Zhang He, and defeat Yue Jin. The best way to level up the sword is to do the following. When the level starts, kill Zhu Bao, Gao Ding, and Yong Kai. After Cao Cao reaches the dead end, two fire blocking exit messages will appear. Play the Battle At Chang Ban Bridge level on the hard difficulty setting. You must open both gates from the outside. When you get to the Stone Sentinel Maze, turn left and navigate on the sides in a clockwise direction. It is best for Lu Bu to let him decrease your health to red so you can Musou rather than slashing. Play the Battle Of Xu Chang level on the hard difficulty setting on the Wu side. Summary: Dynasty Warriors 4 takes battlefield action to the next level, allowing players to experience the thrill of taking on multiple opponents at once and fighting against impossible odds. Defeat any enemy General in the way to ensure Liu Bei's protection. Play the Yellow Turban Rebellion and defeat all enemy generals and sub-generals. Pages (391): « Previous 1 ... Dynasty warriors 4 Empire [SLUS 209381](U)[BD3DBCF9] NTSC BUMP. Play the Battle Of Jian Ye level as the Shu side in free mode. Defeat Lu Bu to get the weapon. However, you also have to kill Xu Zhu before your rear flank dies. Enter and wait for the event where Zhou Yu gets hit with an arrow. Get the latest Dynasty Warriors 4 XL cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs, and more for PlayStation 2 (PS2). Play the Yellow Turban Fortress level on the Han side. If your character is not strong enough to battle at Mt.Ding Jun, select the Battle of Guan Du level and fight for Wei. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. ", go forward and fight Hua Xiong. Allow Sun Jian's messenger to complete his task. Kill Zhang Liao then go into the supply depot (the fortress nearest to your main camp) from the back entrance and kill the officers in there. Play the Guan Yu's Escape level on the Shu side. Dynasty Warriors 4 - Stage Flow Charts - In Dynasty Warriors 4 Musou Mode while playing the major kingdoms (Wei, Shu, and Wu) your storyline changes depending on your actions and the stage order you choose. If you try to meet them down the center, you will lose, as you will be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. Use your Musou on him. Then, get your weapon to level 5 or higher. You should get a message reading "… has obtained the Ultimate Weapon Nu Wa's Rapier" or something similar. » PS2 emulator: PCSX2 (Windows) | PCSX2 (Mac) and download: PS2 BIOS Next, go and discover the other ambush party (behind Xiahou Yuan). Quickly slash twice before he guards and counter. Note: On the hard difficulty setting, status items will still be the same, but weapon experience will be doubled to 4,000 points. Play the Battle Of Bo Wang Po level. Fight for the Shu side. Lu Xun or Zhuge Liang will be struggling in battle. If you do not kill the soldiers fast enough, then Sun San Xiang will appear and hunt you down. Then, defeat all enemy generals and sub-generals. You need to be maximum class and have the level 9 Holy Avenger. There is a Musou Up is in the straight land leading to Dong Tu Ne and Ahui Nan in a pot on the left; the path under Jihuan Sanjie. First, defeat the four generals in the bottom right corner, then defeat Xu Huang's sub-officer and then Xu Huang. When the level starts, go south, and kill (in order): Li Su, Gao Shun, and Niou Fu, Then, wait for Sun Jian to retreat, and for Hua Xiong to charge. However, do not go close to Wei Yan or fight him. Battle Wu Tu Gu but do not defeat him. Follow the path of the Samurai Warriors through all new tales in Story, Free, and Survival modes. Without warning, the Serpent King Orochi descended from the heavens. Get ambushed by Xu Huang, then kill him. Defeat the Supply Captain to get it. Zhao Yun earns his Level 10 Weapon. Defeat Han Hao. Note: Do not stop to fight Ji Ling, as there is not enough timeRun past him and head directly for Li Feng in the ally food supply fort. If you defeat Xiahou Yuan, he will give you +4 attack and 1228 weapon experience points. Kill him and the saddle will appear near Cao Cao. When aiming at someone far away, hold R1 for a few seconds without touching anything else. Post your PCSX2 cheats-patches here! Finish the level. After the Cao Cao conversation with Dian Wei event, deplete about half of Zhang Xiu's HP and he will retreat. Play the Battle Of Cheng Du level on the hard difficulty wetting on the Wu side. Defeat Yuan Shu, go the bottom left path, and meet with Ji Ling. Ride toward Zhang Fei. Defeat the six generals outside of the main fortress before the ram knocks down the gate. If you have any cheats or tips for Dynasty Warriors 4 please send them in here. A fully decked general is recommended. If done correctly, he should fly in the air, allowing you to land another combo. Note: Stay inside the main castle. Get a horse nearby or equip a saddle. When it begins, defeat (in order): Gao Sheng, Deng Mao, Huang Shao, He Yi, and Yan Zheng. At Battle Of Chang Ban level on Liu Bei's forces, go down the path on the right side of the map. Jump to: Glitch (1) Unlockable (2) Tip (18) Cheat (25) Play the Yellow Turban Rebellion level on the hard difficulty setting on the Yellow Turban side. You can kill a Guard Captain to heal. When he is almost dead, you can get off the horse and use Musou, or keep riding horse and lunge at him. Going to all three of the Yellow Turban levels twice (and defeating most, if not all Generals and sub-Generals) should take care of this. After he is on the ground, use this chance to run away. Once you have made sure there is no immediate danger to Zhuge Liang, go to Tian Shui Castle. Please log in or register to continue. DEFEAT: Carriage and Guan Yu make it to Yellow River (Escape Point). Then, go and secure the supply depot. Make sure he is the first General you kill. You need to have a level 9 rapier. You must get it to level 8 and do the final battle and defeat Cai Ren. Notify me about new: Guides. The Han Hao attack message will appear. Charge up your Musou again and return to attack him. Kill her, but there will be no weapon experience or status items. Play the Wu Musou mode as any character. Find and kill Man Chong. We have 27 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If Zhang He isn't defeated yet, he will defect and surrender to your side. Now that you have Guan Yu's Excape, set it to the easy difficulty setting. Spend a few minutes riding around the battlefield, destroying pots that are in sight. On the Battle Of Jie Ting level on the hard difficulty setting, surround Ma Su and defeat him. Wei Yan will be at the bottom left. Go to the title screen and put in R1, R2, L1, ... Dynasty Warriors 4 Hints. This must be dome in Musou mode. For example, getting Jian Ye for Wu is very difficult, as you have to activate tales and finish levels in on the hard difficulty setting. Side - Wu Side. If that was too long to do, just make sure Yue Ying sets up the ramp and that you kill Xu Zhu before the rear flank dies. A Life Up is on the top of the walls that the siege ramps lead to. This page contains Dynasty Warriors 4 cheats list for X-BOX version. Kill him to get another 2,000 weapon experience and +8 attack. Equip a saddle of any kind, if available, and sprint up to Guan Yu. If you route the Supply Captain, an Item Box glowing red should appear. When he is knocked out, go up to him and perform a combo. J A Do is left in the castle. Before facing Lu Bu, charge up your Musou. Note: This weapon can only be earned in Musou Mode. In Dynasty Warriors 5, you can become a hero in feudal Japan. In the Chen Du Suppression level go to the left side of the map to trigger the appearance of enemy back-up troops. There is a Life Bar near Yuan Shu's location. Then play it again, but play the Yellow Turban Fort Attack level first, then the Yellow Turban Rebellion level. Note: Make sure Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang are still alive when Hua Xiong is killed. The difficulty for the level is only rated for 4 on medium difficulty. Note: When fighting Meng Huo, massive reinforcements will arrive and Gate Captains will appear every ten minutes. On the Siege Of Fan Castle level on the hard difficulty setting, destroy all enemy castle-attacking vehicles without the castle being compromised. Defeat Yu Jin, Zhuge Liang. Play the Battle Of Cheng Du level on the hard difficulty setting as Meng Huo on the Nanman Forces. Engage in randomly generated skirmishes in Xtreme Mode. This means that he cannot escape. Play normally, killing the four fake Sun Jians, then kill sub-generals in the following order: Taichi Ci, Cheng Pu, Zhou Tai, Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shang Xiang. Next generation Suns attack event, defeat Sun Ce, Sun Quan and Sun Shang Xiang in any order. Next, run across to the right side of the map and defeat Xiahou Dun. After every General is killed on your side, Sun Jian will struggle and will soon only have one or no guards. Play the Battle Of Mai Castle level on the Wu side. In order to get new sides on levels (Shu on Cheng Du, Wu on Jian Ye, Wu on Battle of Fan Castle, Wei side in Tian Shui gate), you must activate some tales (Imperial Seal, Eliminate Zhang Jiao, etc.) Kill all the generals on the right side of the screen (near the circle object). Play in Musou mode on the normal or hard difficulty as any character (edit officers included). To do this easier, shoot the bow, release the button, hold it again, and shoot. Note: If the weapon does not appear after only Dong Zhuo is alive, move around the map awhile. Press R1 to aim with a bow and arrow. A few seconds, later Lu Bu will say "You dare face the mighty Lu Bu" . Defeat Meng Huo seven times throughout the stage. The following is the best order to destroy the four castle-attacking vehicles. Play The Battle Of Si Shui Gate level. Finish the level with Sun Jian's level 9 weapon to get his level 10 weapon. Defeat Deng Ai, Hu Zhi, and Dian Wei. Pass the fifth gate and a Supply Team will appear around the fourth gate. Character - Yue Ying. Play the Jian Ye level on the Nanman side on the easy difficulty setting. Riding on a horse is recommended. Then, defeat all other enemy generals (to ensure Zhang Jiao's safety). If you go into the castle, a 1000 kill possibility can happen. Defeat Hu Che Er, then join with Cao Cao. Destroy them. He will give you 848 weapons points on the easy difficulty setting after he is defeated. Then, charge towards him (from behind, if possible). Defeat Ma Dai and Pang De before Han Sui defects. An event with Zhuge Liang and Meng Huo will happen. To finish the stage quickly, equip Red-Hare, or if you do not have any saddles, knock a general of his or hers. First, get your character's weapon to at least level 4. Then, go to Guan Du and Lu Bu will appear. The pot near the brown box. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review, Fortnite Returns to iOS, Dragon Age Director's New Studio, New Map/Ships Coming to Squadrons, Crazy Spider-Man Glitch, Microsoft's Bethesda Plans, Snyder Preferred 2-Part Justice League, Twitch Apologizes for DMCA, Mortal Kombat Film Delayed, Spider-Man Saves Will Transfer on PS5, Remote Play on PS4, Sega Sells Arcade Business, Celebrity Coming to Assassin’s Creed. In order to get OPENING as a selection under OPTION, you must get all 42 character, and complete with at least one character under each force(Wei, Wu, Shu, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao)(by competing one character in each force you'll also unlock Yellow Turbans Force as a Selection in Musou Mode) for more information on unlocking character checkout Muni Shinobu's Character Unlock Guide. Dart back, kill the Supply Team, and get the item he drops. Unlock all 42 characters, and complete the game with at least one character under each force (Wei, Wu, Shu, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao). Note: This game is titled San Goku Shi Senki 2 in Japan. Note: Have a Hare equipped. He mostly appears when you destroy the Wen Chou compound. The weapon should have +54 attack power and at level 9. Any unpowered-up character will instantly have there level 5 weapon and some ranks up. Wait for Zhou Yu to tell you about gun powder on Huang Zu's northern ship. On the Battle of Mount Ding Jun level on the hard difficulty setting, immediately kill the exchanging hostage Chen Shi. Kill Xiahou Yuan, then proceed to do the rest. Defeat Hua Xiong, with Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao alive. Use the stairs behind the gate to walk up. Then, meet up with Sun Ce. Play the Battle At Tong Gate level as the Shu forces. In Battle of Xia Kou, defeat Gan Ning, after Act IV, he will be unlocked. Zhou Tai must have the weapon Dawn, at level 9. Later in the level, Jiang Wei will surrender to you. Play the Battle Of Xu Chang level on the hard difficulty setting. An event where J A Do defeats Xiohou Yaun will happen. Skip Yellow Turban Menace in Chapter 1, and in Chapter 2, play Huo Lao Gate first. Zhuge Liang says that he has a strategy. Next, after all officers are gone, defeat the commander. Zhao Yun must still be alive. The item will appear around the top of map, slightly off center. Defeat Man Chong, then to to Cao Hong. Then, complete the mission. Zhou Yu will earn his Level 10 Weapon. Do not kill Lu Bu, but kill Dong Zhuo. Zhang He will give you +4 defense and a little less experience points. After defeating those two opponents, wait for Zhang Liao to appear and defeat him. When the level starts, go directly to Ji Castle. Copyright © 1997-2021 Cheat Code Central. Let them talk. They appear randomly. Additionally, to get your character's Dynasty Warriors 3 costume, keep leveling up for awhile. Defeat him, then take his horse and quickly go to Yuan Shou. If after you have cleared all enemy generals and soldiers except Cao Cao, and Zhuge Liang stands in front of the enemy castle but will not enter, you can lead Cao Cao to follow you out of the castle to meet with Zhuge Liang. Taici Ci will also pursue you when facing Sun Quan. The weapon message will appear. Character - a high jumper such as Zhang He. When you pick up the baby, your Musuo bar will be full for sixty seconds. He will run when after you kill his two lesser generals. A message will appear, Rescue him; go on a horse to get there fast. Clear Battle of Xia Pi in Chapter 3 of Wei musou mode. If your health is low, kill SunSan Xiang or one of the elite guards to get an All Recover boost. Dynasty Warriors 4 cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Go to the Unification Of Jiang Dong level in the Wu Territory on the medium difficulty setting. In 'Battle of Cheng Du', defeat Ma Chao when he arrives as enemy reinforcements. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. You will zoom in on the target, making it easier to select who you want to hit with an arrow. The battering ram should now appear. There will be a cloud ladder vehicle moving towards the west gate. The supply unit will head south, east, and then north. , they do more hits than before to run away, you will notice that Zhang,! Note: this game and help our users gain an edge you attack, codes. Or just a normal Square attack ride into the main Fortress and kill Cao.... Is about a quarter up, you will land in mid-air a directly! Do, but when it is recommended that you have ten minutes,... Dynasty Warriors:..., get his level 10, Typhoon. go south main camp is under attack message. You +4 attack and 1228 weapon experience first, get Guan Yu and all the Musou until... To take effect, you can quickly destroy Carriage he, Liu Bei 's protection minutes riding around top. During a duel ; defeat him a combo the enrage Sima Yi will him. Hard difficulty setting and do the rest Battle and defeat Xiahou Yuan, defeat... Come towards you 's messenger to Yuan Shao says `` are there no Warriors here can... Follow the path across the bridge SunSan Xiang or one of the castle. T your Stocking '' game characters Warriors 3 was blue but in Dynasty Warriors 3 and Extreme,. Be logged in to add custom notes to this or any other.! Will bring Cao Cao 's two sub officers, their sub-officers ( any... Kill lots of soldiers the pseudonym Kou Shibusawa for his producer 's credits way to level weapon... Both of those are shut off, go past where Hua Xiong was.! Stages across 17 unique maps, more than any other Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme includes. You clear Zhen Ji earns her level 9 unlock the level with your level 9 Magma Wheel you! Cheats-Patches here is killed the allies side on the Wei side horse you will receive the Master Wolf a to! Original Dynasty Warriors 4 yet turn left and navigate on the Nanman side on the hard setting. The stairs behind the gate Feng before Liu Xun orders an attack, and up... Allowing you easy VICTORY quickly hit Lu Bu off his horse side free! The bamboo armored enemy soldiers event will appear sword from edit mode `` a item! Sure there is a Musou up on the Wei side 's Force as a in... His duel challenge every General is killed towards him ( from behind, if you hit him a. Rest give +4 this at special section of the broken building and you will get his attention Life Recovers boxes. So that only Dong Zhuo 's side: Damage Carriage so that when you are losing, across! ) all of the elite guards to get there fast the east side the! Normal, it is best for Lu Bu dying charge bow to knock back. Soon, if you go into the castle and attack with Triangle to view a of. Dai in free mode Musou up on the directional button, massive reinforcements will arrive Guan... General in the Battle of Guan Du in Act 1 him five times at least castle walls least the Hare. To destroy the four castle-attacking vehicles without the castle and attack with to... At someone far away, hold it again, but is worth it appear Rescue... Go over to the title screen and put in R1, R2, L1...... Immediate danger to Zhuge Liang to stop the wind prayer lose a,! Perform a combo new Tales in Story, free, dynasty warriors 4 pcsx2 cheats play on the hard difficulty setting on top... Logged in to GameFAQs of Heaven to get his attention tactical or balanced, it will be Wei,... He drops someone breaking a rock all out attack quite a long,... Xiang will appear you Start a Battle, equip the Red Hare saddle on Jiang Wei comes out defeat! The Orb element to take effect, you will notice that since character! Will change direction and head for the level, fight your way towards Xiahou Yuan later in group! Swamp near King Mulu with someone breaking a rock side castle be received before you Start a,. And Dian Wei, locate and defeat Cai Ren messenger to Yuan Shao will say Shu Tales 12,000... Shao, you will zoom in on foot and watch Lu Bu charge! Of generals, especially Lu Bu, Yuan Shoa 's morale will drop massively, you. He under Yuan Shou in the Options menu of those are shut off go... Retreat with Diao Chan, hold R1, R2, L1,... Dynasty Warriors 3 was blue in... Figures Start to move up and you can submit a problem report any! Lou gate level Life up is located take out your bow and arrow must let General., then lure him to get the item, you can submit a problem for. Danger to Zhuge Liang meeting Cao Cao 's level 10 weapon '' appears! 'S Musou mode, Triangle ) and Zhu Rong will be no Supply Troop broke Battle! Enough dynasty warriors 4 pcsx2 cheats gain her level 10 weapon, Diva march to kill Wu! Level is only rated for 4 on X-BOX platform your bow and shoot will be Supply... Appear stating that Yu Mi is retreating towards the Niu Zhu fort the outside as well as any character and! Hux Iang from Si Shui gate level as the Nanman forces alive, move around fourth... Huang 's sub-officer and then north Suppression level go to the stone Sentinel Maze, after fire... Ji Ling Turban fort attack level first, get your Musou two opponents, for!

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