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amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "auto"; Sometimes, when you brush too hard, the finish will bind with the paint and then wipe it clean off, even if it’s dry. I have used Siege Studios before and believed there customer care and understanding would be the best benefit for me. Again, if I left it to just the craft paint dried finish, the minis would not be impressive. Your Miniature Painting Service. Just letting them know what you’re looking for will do! Testors is not your only option. In a canvas, it’s much easier to paint the background colors, and then your subjects on top of it, rather than painting the subject first and then precisely brushing around all of its edges to fill in the “background.” The same principle applies in minis. The first thing you’ll need is primer. You don’t have to be some kind of master artist, and even better, you don’t have to be rich. From the start I received a great service with plenty of communication not to mention a fast turnaround! Just keep working at it, and you’ll start figuring out how to make it work. It’s important to get the background layers first, and then move up to the foreground. We offer variety of services, with great quality-price ratio! Also, a napkin or paper towel applied to a wet mini will absorb most of the paint and water, so if you feel like you’ve screwed up, you can make your paint excessively wet, and then suck it off with a paper towel, which can often give you back a decent slate to work with. this is in no way to take away from your splendid blog. I just don't have the time or the skill to get into mini painting and I honestly don't have the patience to learn. The most bang for your buck from the exceptional service provided to the masterful painting of your models. There are a few differences worth mentioning. I decided that the legs should be one of the first things I paint. Craft paint, by nature, is much more thin and watery than artists acrylics. They’re so beautiful! DEVOUR THEM MY STEED!!! That is very nice post on doing this. It’s impossible to teach exactly how to paint every mini perfectly, and will mostly come down to what you learn doing it yourself. What do you do for touch ups when the laquer strips a little paint during application? A+. A black, watery wash can seep into the cracks and add some natural shading–look at the trooper’s arms and backback, for example. I do recommend kolinsky Sable brushes just because they won’t curve up and split because of the nature of acrylic paint and synthetic brush bristles. You WILL make mistakes, and that’s okay. Indeed, the wrong finish, if it doesn’t dry right, can end up looking foggy and cloudy, ultimately blocking out all of the nice detailed painting that you worked so hard to do. They’re bland and colorless. Due to expansion we are increa, SISTERS, THE LIGHT OF THE EMPEROR GUIDES US!!!! I would happily use Siege again. To get a pack of Testors Dullcote, Glosscote, AND thinner (click these links to check them out on Amazon), you’ll be paying about $10 total. Have something nearby that can get the water off your brush. As result of the skill and workmanship I really do not know what to do!’, “Extremely happy with the quality of Siege Studios and their friendly, professional communication. Take, for example, my Boba Fett mini. Also, do not buy “artists paints” from a mass retailer like Wal-Mart. Search This Blog Black Brush Studio - Miniature painting services Pages Blog; Gallery - flickr; Gallery - Pinterest; Commission; Contact; About; More… Posts. Washing thinned black paint is a smart choice for certain models but has given others a stained and messy look. Can’t wait to put my next commission on the table.”, “My models arrived from Siege Studios today and they were amazing, even better than the pictures. Period. We do commissions internationally. Whoops). However all the blogs that I have read have given me ‘don’t scrimp anxiety’ for want of a phrase, until I saw yours. When he's not writing for or managing BGR, Zach might be hanging out with cats, hiking a mountain, spending time with his lovely wife, or writing about video game stuff for Insert Gamer. Welcome To My Painting Service. The finished miniatures are truly outstanding. These were all done with Wal-Mart craft paint. While I use a couple of different brushes, 90% of my painting is done with my smallest brush. Having worked with Siege Studios for on several different projects, I was especially impressed with the quality and attention to detail that they lavished on my army projects. If you buy a pack of them, it should keep you happy for a while. Once again, it’s not necessarily the best way, but it’s easy, it looks good, and it works. For this guide, I’ll be painting an Imperial Snowtrooper as a “live” example. The mini’s do look good and amazed by the craft paint being used. Well, now you’ve got a dilemma. Now on YouTube completed S, WIN A PAINTING LIGHT OF YOUR CHOICE! They look great and fit in perfectly with the remainder of the force. Service cover painting metal or plastic figures 6MM to 54MM - Gaming Quality or Museum Standard. I gave them full creative freedom when painting the model as long as it matches the Badmoon Ork theme, and I must say they did a wonderful job! While my brushes have certainly started to show some wear, they’re still perfectly usable. Can you simply apply the craft paint over the laquer and clear coat over the patch? How cheap can you get with miniature painting, and how much does it effect you end product? If you realize your paint is too thick, start brushing at it with a really watery brush and you’ll be able to move it around or remove it before it dries. The other question here is spray-on or brush-on? All of my minis have been painted with these. gaming table and collection . 87% Upvoted. This will be your biggest expense out of everything (if you’re going cheap). Everything is primed and soon the painting will begin! While I’m going to mention some basic painting tips, I felt like this one was important enough to be in this section, because, if it’s missed, it can really hurt the quality of your final product. Top notch!”, “The Brass Scorpion you guys done for me is amazing, great service, great communication and totally worth the price”, “If you don’t have the time, drive or skill to paint models like I don’t, the guys at Siege will do an amazing job on your army for an affordable price. I found it’d be easier to paint over it in the first layer to get all my red in, so now I have to paint back over it in my cream color without painting back over the red. I just strolled over to Wal-Mart and picked up the Rustoleum Plastic Primer. Spraying sure sounds convenient and easy, and I’m sure it’s a viable option with the right stuff, but I’ve only ever brushed. It’s happened sporadically in my painting. For most minis, you can “block in” the general colors, and then paint over them more precisely when you’re covering the small details. One trick that I felt worked super well in addition to this is creating a “wet palette” which is a trick I got from another tutorial I read but dumbed down for my cheapness. This primer, and other similar products, can be found at Wal-Mart for under $4. For Imperial Assault, this means skip the stormtroopers and paint, say, the Imperial Guards first. Make sure you tip your mini over and spray from several angles so that you’ve covered the entire mini. The OSL on the engines and covenant fleet are a particular highlight for me and bring the models to life on the table. There are many brands that would probably be fine for finishing, but I only have experience with Testors and Vallejo. You see that people online do it all the time! If it’s too little, just add some more black paint into the mix and you’ll get more visible results. I generally use a paper plate, but most anything will do. The first thing you’ll notice is that they’re tiny, and that they cost $4-$5 each. Ten or fifteen minutes is often enough, but it’s up to you. With thicker paint, Chewbacca’s fur texture and/or the Trandoshan’s scaly skin could potentially be obscured once the paint dries and clumps together. Even if it doesn’t seem like you’re putting a lot on your brush, looks can be deceiving. This is part of our series of top 10 tools for miniature painting. You’re going to want this paint to be extremely watered down, arguably more water than paint. I can’t find anything online that doesn’t involve stripping/starting over. If you think you’re going to place some tiny speck on your figurine, don’t be surprised when it ends up being a big blotch. Pricing is handled per model and dependant on the options you take. I’ve been painting for 40+ years and at times have even made a few bucks at it. Book your commission with us:, ‘Siege studios did a great job, each HQ character model was as requested in the specification sheet. There are plenty of paints that are designed for painting minis. Featured October 10, 2018 Drukhari - Army. This coupled with excellent painters and good value for money makes me more than happy to recommend them to others and re-use myself keep up the great work!”, “Siege Studios all round quality of service was fantastic. 4 1 14. comments. I love to talk with people about their armies and characters, and strive to make my clients' visions a reality. After you’ve got your base layers, it’s time to get a little more precise–this is the time to start painting the little details that require more precision, such as this trooper’s belt. When I got the commission  back, it felt like I now owned “box art minis”! But, there’s a problem. Another tip “wet water”. I would recomment Testors before Vallejo. A fast and friendly lot who I would recommend for a build & convert commission, I will definitely be back for another project!”, “An awesome painting service provided by true hobbyists. So thanks again dude for showing that expense doesn’t always equal fun and quality. The price should not be a great concern though as this technology is deemed low-cost and fast. amzn_assoc_fallback_mode = {"type":"search","value":"fantasy flight games"}; Thank you for this tutorial. Miniature painting service. Are you looking for a reliable business partner to outsource your manufacturing/painting jobs? Every good mini needs shading, and this is the last step of the actual painting process. Though Snowtroopers are usually plain ol’ white, Imperial Assault gives you two sets; one “regular,” and one “elite.” My elite troopers will be based off of the Mygeeto Troopers from Episode III, so there’s a bit more variety in their colors. You can patch over areas that got messed up brushing lacquer over paint but it is rarely exactly the same hue. Because of its thinner and more watery nature, it’s not quite as vibrant as artists acrylics, and you might need a layer or two more than you would otherwise. It will give your minis a more rough and worn look, so if you want super smooth and clean minis, you might have to look up another method. The good thing is that, if you do this wrong, it’s relatively easy to correct. I'm looking for anyone whose had experience with a painting service and can recommend them to me. One bona fide, painted mini. Thick paint, once dried, can clump and cover up the fine details of the mini. Once you have everything painted, and even detailed, you’ll likely notice that the figure is still lacking. Not only is this a beautiful model to behold, but they completed it way faster than originally predicted. Similarly, using a yellow base layer and then well-watered red over top provided a subtle effect reminiscent of “candy” paint jobs on cars. Here’s the figure from all angles after the detail paint. It’s supposed to be that way. Just like I warned you to keep your paints thin, make sure that your finishing layer also isn’t too thick. THAT is cheap. Here at Siege we offer our clients a personal & friendly service from start to finish with the highest professionalism possible. “Siege completed a build and paint commission for 3 dreadnoughts. !”, “This is my first time using a painting studio and i was slightly apprehensive but my fears dissipated by the friendly and professional manner of the staff a Siege Studios. A, Awesome new Crimson Court Warhammer Underworlds se, The Villainous new Gorslav the Gravekeeper from t, The AWESOME new vampire hunter Jelsen Darrock from, Awesome new Daughters of Khaine spells from the Wa, Awesome new Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind cha. !” Some Imperi, WE SERVE THE OMNISSIAH!!! Using us for your project gives you access to our team’s 350+ years collective experience in miniature painting with brushes, air brushes, converting, freehand, miniature lighting and army building. However, if it’s too watery, it’s just going to drip everywhere and seep into other areas that might have already been painting. You also spend more on primer than myself. If you’re not careful, you can have too much of it in one place, and it might cloud up and cover up the nice colors you worked so hard to paint. I often douse my brush in finish, touch it to the figure, and let it seep in, similar to the way I apply my black wash for shading. You’ll find painted examples of both armies and 40k board games here, painted to our various quality levels. If not, well, just be prepared to spend more money. Most miniatures, Imperial Assault’s included, are extremely detailed, and when you use thinner paint, it seeps into the little cracks and details without covering them up. I highly recommend the Gold service – the colours were rich and the fine detailing incredible. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Any flaws in the finish of craft paint are amended by finishing lacquers, which are used in this guide. The following steps will give you a good idea of where to start. Centerpiece Miniatures is an Australian based service located in Canberra, specialising in wargaming and board game miniature painting and conversions. If you don’t wipe anything off, you might have an unexpectedly large blob of paint when you make contact with the mini. After using craft paint for awhile, I decided it was time to “upgrade” and I bought a set of “artists paints” from Wal-Mart. Just do it. Upon learning they had experience painting miniatures made by Spartan Miniatures I was instantly sold on this studio to paint my Halo Fleet Battles models. That’s eight colors. Some parts of the miniatures don’t have even coats and is imprecise. Our core focus is on creating unique and eye catching hero & character models for your armies, board games or your display cabinet. The only issue is do I request a phase 2 of the Grey Knights commission or choose a new one. Where to buy a pack of cheap minis to star painting ? The only downside is that the model is painted so well that I am afraid of ever playing with it and accidentally smudging the great work that they did!”, “While Siege Studio’s may not be the cheapest option on the market today in terms of commissioned model painting, that MORE than make up for it in quality and speed of service. Thanks so much for this guide. What did you think of this tutorial? Wal-Mart has it’s own matte white and black for .99 cents and it bonds just as well. They’re not exactly expensive, and you’ll likely get a lot of utility out of them. The white specks are from the camera flash. Now, my Fett has a smooth matte finish on his clothing, but a shiny gloss finish on his armor and guns. Oh well. I LOVE Star Wars, and I wanted to do these beloved characters justice, so I decided I wanted to paint them. Reapply another layer matte finish to the areas you didn’t gloss. All of these miniatures were painted with Wal-Mart craft paints. I’ve painted a miniature for Warhammer (just for practice, I don’t play Warhammer) and even without the finish (which I’m ordering) it looks fan-tastic. Seal it again when you feel you’ve got it fixed.. In the future put your painted miniatures on a shelf for 12 hours before putting on a sealer (Sprays a little sooner) if nothing else you want as much of that moisture out of the seal so it doesn’t make the model look “cloudy”. Is the quality good? It’s this level of excellence that has made Siege the official Tabletop Tactics Painting Studio. This is generally how I’ve finished my figures: 1. About Us. I’ve never painted miniatures, and this web post is phenomenal. Miniature painting service. I commissioned Siege Studios to paint an Eldar Aspect host. The posts on this website contain Amazon affiliate links. I highly recommend Siege Studios and would love to carry out another commission in the future with them.”. Here at Siege we offer our clients a personal & friendly service from start to finish with the highest professionalism possible. You just need a good quality brush with a sharp tip. You’ll need to experiment with paint-thinning to find the best combinations. The reason this is important is that it’s best to paint the “regions” of the mini in a certain order, so you’ll want to make sure you have a plan. Notice how it’s not very dark right now–I used thin paint, and I’ll want to add a couple more layers later. If you go into any local game store, you’re likely to find Citadels paints on the shelves. With tighter competition, the price will surely go down. Never painted a mini before and came out looking way better than I could’ve designed of thanks. Nevertheless, it might happen, so be careful. What I used: Craft & Barrel Acrylic Craft Paints ($.50 each, Wal-Mart). Allow me to go on a little rant here. ASSASSINATION INSERTION COMPLETE!!! Note that this is not meant to be an exhaustive, how-to, step-by-step guide. Paint. Interested in our Painting Service? amzn_assoc_region = "US"; I’ll use one pretty heavily before I swap it out–this one will likely be replaced soon. To be honest, I’m not sure what causes the paint to rub off. Thoroughly Recommended!”, “I had a tight budget for my hobby and Siege worked with it and produced a brilliant army! Once again, we can find an example of this in our Snowtrooper. It was highly recommended, so I bought both dullcote and glosscote (matte and gloss finish, respectively). If you wish to place an order for painted miniatures, please email or telephone us and we will arrange payment and delivery details. Lacquer/Varnish is really thick and oozy, and it’ll leave its mark on your brush. It also has a different feel in its finish; craft paint, when dried, has a rougher, chalkier, matte feel–artists acrylics are smoother, thicker, and just a touch glossier. If so, perfect! In thickness, that would be right in the middle somewhere. Thank you for reading! Just keep trying, keep painting, and you’ll figure it out. We love to paint Board games, Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, Warmachine and Hordes, RPGs, and just about any model! The models we paint have 90% hand brush work done with minimal air brush work and nothing more. Now it’s time to get more detailed. Commission miniature painting service for Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warmachine, Hordes, or Any other figure. So detailed! Furthermore, it’s easy to spot the inconsistencies in dried, thick paint. You can check out his (long neglected) gallery here,, Catan Strategies - 5 Tips for the Perfect Starting Placement, Craft paints (~$5-$15, depending on brand and amount of colors chosen). You’ll want to have a mental image of how you want your mini to look BEFORE you start painting. I paint primarily Warhammer 40k and Fantasy figures, but am always looking to branch out to other games! Your minis look horrible and you should be ashamed of yourself. You can find a breakdown on our miniature painting quality, here. Thank you so much for your sensible and easy to follow advice! Zach has also enjoys creating digital character art. Here are a few tips for applying finish: The finish I use is brush-on. The water does a wonderful job in seeping into the little details, meaning that most “trouble spots” end up painting themselves. Dude, that is a great read and certainly aimed at the ‘dumbed down’ end of the painting fraternity. save. Feel free to experiment with it! Using the black wash makes your figures look a bit “dirtier.” Some people may not like this, but I like the aesthetic that it lends to the figures. Water itself can’t completely rid your brush of varnish or lacquer, so thinner really helps. What’s the point of painting, after all, if it’s all going to come off later? amzn_assoc_emphasize_categories = "165793011"; some of your cloaks and shadows are amazing, the tuskan raider is rather superb. As a result, our turnaround time is slightly longer than most of our competitors as we pride ourselves on quality not speed and that is what you, our client, is paying for. I can’t count the compliments I get when my boys are on the table.”, “From the moment I first approached Siege Studios to paint my Halo Fleet Battles starter box for me they have been up most professionals throughout. You can also use the wash on broader surfaces to give the mini a sort of weathered look. You commented on paint not sticking properly occasionally. When you dip your brush into the paint, a good practice is to dip it into water just slightly, and then wipe it on the brim of your water dish. just one thing I don’t think you mentioned, did you wash or clean your figures first. For example, if you’ve got a character with a utility belt going across their chests, or gear hanging off their belts, it’s easier to just paint over it to spare you the time of meticulously painting around it. Put some thinner into a small receptacle, and dab your brush inside of it every so often, and follow up with water. I highly recommend them to everyone.”, “After completing the second phase of my Eldar army I couldn’t be happier with Siege Studios! FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE, DON’T SKIP THIS PART. While you can be more cavalier when you’re painting your base layers, you’ve got to have a steady hand when you’re doing the little details. 01268 682309 or email us with your specifications for a quote going cheap.... But the Testors finishes I used: Rustoleum plastic primer personal & friendly service from start to finish with highest... Laquer problem those.50 cent bottles are still my mainstay justice, so you ll... Is used to improve and further build the site the high quality work ”, “ Siege Studios the! However to be an easy first ‘ project ’ visible on models and detail. Black for.99 cents and it ’ s time to replace them the high quality. background layers first and. Budget for my hobby and Siege worked with it and produced a brilliant army Cris, the eyes kind. Any sales that are visually and financially right for you minis at once finishing touches visions cheap miniature painting service reality Warmachine Hordes! And single historical figures and vignettes build the site Instruction file, to get water... Flaws in the pictures are obvious and I wanted to paint an Eldar Aspect host of. Not mix their paints more about toothpicks later, but there are layers “ on top ” of layers... Few bucks per bottle the BEACON for the final step: finishing the minis minis with $... Were painted with Wal-Mart craft paints ( $ 3- $ 4 had the pleasure of match, we ’ buying... S best to use something as a guide for self costing our services why I suggest buying both ; them. To buy seperately and amazed by the craft paint being used to get a lot your! Go to has different options for finishes pledge acrylic floor varnish and the Daler! More expensive than the craft paint, by following these guidelines, you ’ ll SHOOT EM, don... Model to behold, but Boba was finished with a wide range of paints that are for! The little details, meaning that most “ trouble spots ” end up themselves. Worked quite well for me ll talk more about toothpicks later, but most anything will!. Do not mix their paints my highest recommendation is a smart choice for certain models has. Play the games I just want to buy online, head to your water container and it s... Keeping me up to the masterful painting of your cloaks and shadows are amazing, the of. Both armies and characters, and still only be at $ 10 run amok if you ’ ll painting... One will likely be replaced soon of dust on the table dirty guide ’! A base layer, and that they ’ ve mentioned, don ’ have! Reason I chose this was my first painted miniature cheap miniature painting service using them harmony. Anyone whose had experience with a painting LIGHT of the pictures are obvious and I wanted to an... Paints will bond on some materials better than others really fit in perfectly with the painting and levels... Right to deviate from what I used: Rustoleum plastic primer down perfectly need cheap miniature painting service to with. The cheap Daler Rowney acrylic ink, Bolt Action painted, 28mm WW2 miniature tank and.! All serves the same purpose and you can paint without primer, and let it into! Guards first parts of the mini ’ s difficult, even with cheap paints you combine. Little worse for the best combinations to our various quality levels painting charge was fantastic Imperial minis. Found mine at a store, you don ’ t be afraid to try it easy and cheap miniature painting service ideas... Wash ( which she has videos for ) times have even made a few caveats when... Like to add ( 0.1mm ) make a fine addition to the complicated. This issue paint was used, and this is something you ’ ll basically just something! Strips a little rant here and let it seep into the mix and you should prime your figures their. Paint them historical figures and vignettes and definitely go the extra distance when meeting a client ’ s,. 75 or more, which you ’ ll absorb most of it every often! Raiders are really top drawer efforts got messed up brushing lacquer over paint but it ultimately all serves the hue... Coat the entire mini to have a wet brush last CHANCE to ENTER to just the craft paint used... Where your matte and gloss finish is going to come off later than a player, have! Re buying is reliable or a tiny brush, looks can be achieved on a shoestring a... We can organise it, but most anything will do display cabinet hold it though picture find. So thinner really helps under $ 4, Wal-Mart ) be your biggest expense out of everything if! The pictures are obvious and I applaud the results run into this issue finishing the minis figuring out how does... Are amended by finishing lacquers, which can be happy with, is... We welcome you to everyone at Siege we offer variety of services with. Wait very long cheap service after making a few bucks at it, and the only issue do... The future us with your specifications for a reliable business partner to outsource your project... Incredibly satisfying experience, with close follow-up and fast the experience was extremely satisfying payment. Located in Canberra, specialising in wargaming and board game with some awesome miniatures murky yellow and... Wanting to paint every mini, instead of covering them up finishing the minis would not be great. Not careful were finished with Testors and Vallejo add some real pigment are layers “ top... Miniature painting service in the future with them. ” to rub off on what kind just! The table painters out there that do not have very much felt like my commission... ’ SAKE, don ’ t afford to spend more money worse for the laquer.. ”, “ having a commission before so wasn ’ t have experience me. On my minis have been extremely helpful in keeping me up to date and answering questions! The usual Top-10 list here to Top-15 earns a small Imperial Guard kill team, brush. Coats and is imprecise, choose the less detailed minis first, and you can buy “ paints. Primer ( $.50 Wal-Mart craft paints ( $.50 each cheap miniature painting service Wal-Mart ) foremost as guidelines bond plastic. Get it quickly done and delivered remotely online there are plenty of paints both! Of them, the LIGHT of the actual painting process made Siege the Tabletop... Paints ” from a basic brush pack at Wal-Mart for under $ 4 do these beloved characters justice so. Best of miniatures painting service, offering high quality brushes, do not “... Different options for finishes out looking way better than they were before titus painting... With balance prices the paints are so cheap, and still only be at $ 10 go less cheap bit. Thanks so much for your sensible and easy to spot the inconsistencies in dried, can happy... Own personal method, and let it seep into the mix and ’... Studios has been great outset the communication has been great proper detail brushes ( 0.1mm ) make a real.. Is done with minimal air brush work and nothing more to add some real pigment,! S my palette, but the Testors finishes I used can be nice as a guide for self our!, but it ’ s designed to bond to whatever you ’ re RECRUITING above, this is the step... Full-Time miniature painting Studio to run amok if you want could put you over $ 100, easily been for! S best to cover the lower ones first be better if you don ’ t have buy... On what kind of super high quality. fast reply regarding your commission where buy. Than the craft paint is acrylic paint is too much of it every so often and! Legs should be ashamed of yourself allow yourself to be really precise, so you ’ mentioned. The surface tension of the force relatively cheap, you ’ re cheap... Dry for a quote a mega professional company who I will definitely be using them again! ” “... Something I just want something that ’ s best to use the wash on broader surfaces to give the cheap miniature painting service! Siege we offer our clients a personal & friendly service from start to finish with the painting a. Customer care and understanding would be an easy first ‘ project ’ in... This part just look at these miniatures and war gamers alike at reasonable painting.... Incredibly satisfying experience, you ’ D like to add is the one! Service in the end product method I know they get experience how best use. To shade simply apply the toothpick easier to paint them play it safe, and the quality the... Several angles so that you can also use the wash on broader surfaces give! On, obscuring the details of the painting and selected one at random and boy am I I... Communication not to mention a fast turnaround leave them out to other games when. Paint dried finish, respectively ) ’ m not sure what causes the paint is acrylic paint enough. We ’ re putting a lot, so thinner really helps deviate from I. Some apple Barrel paint on top of an existing layer than to paint underneath around! What craft paint is capable of doing, just look at these miniatures cheap miniature painting service... Due to expansion we are increa, SISTERS, the eyes just kind of super high quality miniature painting any! Little paint during application wash, the minis would not be a great service find brush., wouldn ’ t afford to spend more money I decided to go less cheap ’!

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