harbor freight 10x12 greenhouse foundation

Without the low entry price of the Harbor Freight kit, I would have been too afraid to invest the money in a hobby I didn't even know much about. Part Two: The Foundation The Harbor Freight 10 x 12 greenhouse kit supplies a steel base to be placed directly in the ground. (1/2 inch? In-Store Only. • It is always your responsibility to ensure that the greenhouse is properly anchored. We cut out the middleman and pass the savings to you! It might be a little less fussy to secure a treated 2x4 flat first, muscling those anchors into the concrete, and then finesse the squareness of the steel base on top of the wood, making adjustments if necessary. The two versions have different model numbers, and there are slight variations in parts between the two model numbers.There's a thread ongoing right now in the Greenhouse Forum of Houzz. I'm honestly not sure how critical this is, and it may depend on your climate.One note...I don't have any experience with caulking polycarbonate, but some folks have posted on GardenWeb's greenhouse forum that some clear caulks will not adhere well to polycarbonate in the long run. I'm building the base this weekend and have a crew lined up for the following weekend to help "raise the barn". This is the first greenhouse I’ve ever owned. Hi,Thank you so much for having this blog. The Harbor-Freight Greenhouse Modification Kit is perfect if you haven’t built your greenhouse yet. Hi mudhouse,The largest gap is no more than 1/2".Thank you! 2016 - harbor freight 10x12 greenhouse modifications - Google Search Pressure treated 4x6 on edge over solid block with gravel base. You can download both 10x12 manuals from the HF website, in any event. I'm looking forward to freeing up my plants from the greenhouse pretty soon; they're ready to stop hiding from winter temps, and get back out on the patios. I have never had any luck with sliding doors so I just converted them to regular. March 12, ... and purchasing plants to serve as the foundation of our landscape. Checking to make sure everything is plumb and square, as you go, is time well spent! Save $688 by shopping at Harbor Freight.This aluminum greenhouse lets you grow… Of course, to use it year round I had to invest in heaters and fans, but it was worth it to have a greenhouse I can use all year.The main unfortunate development has been the problem with the Harbor Freight panels deteriorating in my sunny climate, requiring me to replace the panels. In-Store Only Add to My List. )Kicking it around, we think the only question is how tricky it will be to keep the steel base perfectly lined up and square as you secure the masonry anchors/bolts into the concrete. The foundation would get a little tricky and you might have to add an upright support in the middle if you live in snow country. I'd make a frame using 2" x 2" wood, forming a rectangle a little larger than 12' x 10'. Palram 701944 at $1188.63. How to strengthen them so that they actually work. I was going to build another hoop house at our new home but then I saw this. Thanks again for all of the great advice!!! Thanks for documenting your build. Madness.For a long time they had both manuals listed on their website, but now they only show the manual for model 93358 (no idea why.) Hello Im wanting to build one of there 10 X 12 green houses too, I am wanting to make 4" concrete runners for a sub-base. dj amara, as far as the greenhouse structure itself, it shouldn't make a difference (except of course your door height will be a few inches lower than if you set the whole structure on a wooden foundation. ;-)There might be some good concrete leveling products out there, but we're just not knowledgeable to be enough help on that point; I think most may be intended for indoor use...? I plan to install this on an existing cement slab. One problem I'm having is that the concrete surface at my house is not flat. Thanks Joe, glad you could find some help here. I am sure it would be possible to join two of these kits together, or as many as you would like for that matter. I am baffled. You must screw the panels down, in my experience, and the other modifications for strength (originally posted by others, on GardenWeb) have served us well.However, if you're willing to do a little extra engineering, and willing to deal with the panel problem (either by replacing in time, or possibly by trying the protective product I mentioned) it's still a very good value. The concrete was poured about 6 years ago at the side of my house, just to have a clean surface, rather than dirt. In my case, I didn't want to seal my panels in place with caulk, because I like to be able to remove them (mainly to replace them with screens in hot weather.) Make sure that you install it on timbers to anchor it to the ground. Once I fastened the wood foundation to the ground with rebar, the gravel is not going anywhere. regarding the stability of the base/foundation you are to use, consult a professional. It would be a great place for you to read, and possibly join in. It is very encouraging to hear that you are still pleased with the unit. Each one was of a different manufacturer. Yes, there are now two versions of the Harbor Freight 10x12 greenhouse. A novice idea of mine is to shove in some pea gravel under the wood to help level it. Amazing deals on this 6Ft X 8Ft Greenhouse at Harbor Freight. How to use them. These Harbor Freight deals can be pretty good. This is a major problem right now, and one reason I wouldn't even try to give you dimensions to use to do a concrete base. For some time, both versions have been for sale through HF. I have a greenhouse! I am intereted in buying two of these and do you think that I can add them together to make it 24 feet long? thank you. This clear roll-on protective coating may have promise for improving the life of the Harbor Freight panels. I used it two years ago, on my new roof panels (which are under shadecloth, all year round.) Part Two: The Foundation The Harbor Freight 10 x 12 greenhouse kit supplies a steel base to be placed directly in the ground. The frame itself is not rigid enough to be unaffected by a foundation that's out of level. What kind of stake and/or fasteners are good to use in this situation?Thanks!! --- Here's a time lapse photograph taken once per hour starting after 3 hours. Model 93358 is the older version of the 10x12 kit (like ours.) Amazing deals on this 10Ft X 12Ft Greenhouse With 4 Vents at Harbor Freight. Best of luck on your greenhouse (put that teenage labor to good use! Your instructions are way better than the ones in the box, thats for sure! I know some parts of my blog are a bit outdated after all these years, but hopefully it can still be helpful. Harbor Freight Greenhouse Printable Coupon 10x12 - 01/2021. Searching further we found one MIC model of greenhouse made by Harbor Freight, The HFGH 10×12 model 93358 for a mere $599. I'll try the rebar method. Also, just as a reminder, we know you're aware of how important it is to make sure the wooden foundation is level before erecting the frame. It would need to be something resistant to moisture.Maybe this will give you more ideas; we often find that inspiration strikes with even better solutions, once we're in the process! Buy the ONE STOP GARDENS 10 ft. x 12 ft. Greenhouse with 4 Vents (Item 93358) for $499.99 with coupon code 94152986, valid through March 22, 2020. Pour in a few bags of Quickcrete, then put the 6" x 6" foundation on top of this new & level slab. Hello Brian,Yes, we are closing in on 6 1/2 years, and I'm still happy with it. Thanks again. I bought replacement roof panels, part# 60, from Harbor Freight for my 12x10 greenhouse but they don't fit... at first I thought they sent me roof panels for the smaller greenhouse but then I checked the online manual and the panel size is correct, 1’11”x 5’9". Aug 29, 2014 - Explore Russ Bohlin's board "Harbor Freight Greenhouse Ideas" on Pinterest. Luckily we managed to get in on an early season sale. It's a rectangular C-shaped piece, the idea being that the hollow inside of the base gets filled with the earth and gravel of your greenhouse floor, and that anchors the greenhouse. Do you, or your husband, have any idea on how to have the wood foundation level? The last one was a DuraMax, sold through Greenhouse Nation. I have not purchased the kit yet. Get 10% Off Your Entire Purchase When You Open a New Account. 10 ft. x 12 ft. Greenhouse with 4 Vents. I might have to just flip a coin to decide between those 2. Hi Brian,Unfortunately, Harbor Freight's lack of consistency between models makes this kind of answer almost impossible. Do you have any idea if there's any difference between them? Thank you!! Here's a link to a fairly recent thread in the greenhouse forum at GardenWeb that has more info. Question... what is the rebar "strapping" you use to attach rebar to wood base? thanks Brian. I am super impressed at the detail you have put into this blog. This way the GH will be higher off the ground, and I'll gain a little more height for my taller trees. If the foundation was not level, you'd be able to do the initial building just fine, but you'd run into problems later as you tried to add the angle braces and the poly panels themselves. I'd be worried about depending only on caulk and clips, but that's just my own bias.Closing the top and bottom of the panel with caulk might work (instead of using aluminum tape or special polycarbonate tape available from greenhouse supply stores.) See more ideas about Greenhouse, Harbor freight greenhouse, Greenhouse plans. I just finished my foundation. Save even more with the harbor freight credit card. I just got the 10+12 Harbor Freight . I've been calling HF, and there's always 10+ callers ahead of me, couldn't stay on the line that long. I am thinking of setting 2 side by side (for a total of 20 X 12, could you give me the (out side) dimensions of the gutter. Ok, brainstorming, we were trying to come up with a way for the 6x6 pieces to be in solid contact with the slab, at least at periodic intervals. Setting aside the fact that we're not skilled concrete workers...it just makes us tired to even think about it. However, my frame will be sitting on concrete, not dirt like yours. There are currently two different versions of the 10x12 kit being sold. It's a rectangular C-shaped piece, the idea being that the hollow inside of the base gets filled with the earth and gravel of your greenhouse floor, and that anchors the greenhouse. Harbor Freight Greenhouse Printable Coupon 10x12 Overview. Quality tools & low prices. Great article, helped we a lot. I'm going to order the GH by this weekend. By the fourth one, I knew what to look for and what to lookout for. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm pretty sure that's what has happened here. They've sent you the roof panels for the wrong model. Eleven hours labor have been put into the greenhouse so far. haha. See the coupon for details.Compare our price of $499.99 to Palram at $1188.63 (model number: 701944). (As you said, you'd still be firmly securing the wood to the slab by using the rebar, driven into the ground. As long as you can secure it well and make sure the base is perfectly square, it should work fine. 10 ft. x 12 ft. Greenhouse with 4 Vents $ 849 99. However, even with the cost of new panels from Harbor Freight, it's still a very inexpensive way to see if you enjoy having a greenhouse (compared to other kits on the market. Thank you so much! You have to understand translated Chinese to use the instructions that came with it.I gave up on the clips that are intended to hold the plastic panels in place, they are a cruel joke. There don't seem to be many differences between the two, but there are some redesigned parts. The lag bolts just serve as adjustable spacers, or as very small "feet", in other words. You might want to different types on a small area, and see how they adhere over time, before depending on one to secure your panels. Three years through winds and storms, and I couldn't be happier with this economical greenhouse. You can read without joining; just need to join if you'd like to ask these folks for any questions.One of the people in this thread bought two HF 10x12 kits at a store, brought them home, and found out each one was a different model version. It has been a super way for me to learn. I have a teenager/laborer to the time isnt a bother? It would depend on how comfortable and experienced you are with getting the anchors into the concrete. One Colorado poster to the GardenWeb greenhouse forum recently posted that he used this product on his new HF panels, three years ago, as he built. It’s 10’ wide, 12’ deep, and stands about 10’3” tall at the peak (taller if you put it on a wooden … So far, no visible deterioration on my panels either.This kit is not for everyone, because it does require modifications to withstand winds. Personal experience only for the serious comments. Heck, I grew watermelons in Olympia Washington.Jon. Model 69893 is the newer version of the 10x12 kit. Harbor-Freight Greenhouse Modification Kit. I keep plants inside mine 365 days a year, and in the winter I really pack it full with plants that summer on our patios. I think you could even put the door on the side with a little work. I can drill holes in stabilize/fasten the wooden frame through the holes. To be honest, in our dry climate, corrosion of steel is a rare occurrence, and we don't worry much about it. Personally we wouldn't go that route, ourselves.Our understanding is you'd need a minimum of 1 1/2" thickness for the new slab (or else I think you risk cracking and spalling.) Additionally, add additional support beams as pictured. Utilizing a double-extruded aluminum frame, this greenhouse also features two sliding doors for easy access, UV-coated polycarbonate panels and four vents to ensure proper conditions. And so far, I'm not planning to replace it with anything else.Sheri. I measured my old roof panels and they are 2x6... Are there different versions of the 12x10 greenhouse? Hello Darren,My husband's thoughts are that 2" thick concrete might not have have the steel reinforcement common to a thicker slab.

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